Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do I KNOW him / her?

There are some individuals who are a part of our lives for years – Be it friends, Be it family, Be it professional associations,… And even though they are a part of our lives for so many years, there comes a point when you can’t help but ask yourself  “Do I KNOW him / her”.. And this is not synonymous with understanding someone. But just knowing them – Their thoughts, feelings, perspectives, outlook, life experiences, future plans, priorities, decisions, struggles, joys…

Sometimes we know so little about some of the most important people in our day-to-day lives – Be it our parents, children, oldest friends, people who help us with our daily chores, people who work for us, with us and people whom we work for….

Possibly because
• We lacked the intent to know them
• We did not get any opportunity
• It was not a priority for us
• We did not take a minute to ask
• We did not listen when they shared
• We did not understand when they did share
• We knew them, but then they changed and then somewhere we did not bridge the gap

Well… Sometimes it is good to know… Just ask and hear what the other has to say! It might just be a pleasant surprise!!!

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