Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do you assume more than you should?

Most of us usually tend to assume more than we should. Be it family, friends, colleagues, managers, children… We have this habit to assume for others - primarily due of familiarity / past experiences / long association, sometimes just because it’s in our nature or sometimes out of good-will..

However, we all change with time based on our life experiences. And over a period of time, our thoughts, preferences, priorities, reactions towards many things alter, & this is reflected in our day-to-day life. And when people who’ve known you for a while assume things, you wonder at your own transformation…

In general,
• Occasionally, it’s probably worthwhile to ask yourself “Am I assuming too much for him / her?”
• It’s good to ask others [once in a while] for their opinion, views and preferences – rather than assuming you know everything  - and many times their answers will surprise you, sometimes also turn out better than you could have ever assumed :)
• If someone is assuming too much for you for too long a time, it’s good to politely express your point of view – to indicate that you have probably changed beyond what the other person has observed and accepted. Silence may not be a viable option for too long.

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