Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do you value your resources?

Let me start by narrating a personal example – I have a domestic help at home who manages my day-to-day operations effectively. She’s been with me for a while now.. She understands the lifestyle we lead.. She is sensitive to the many individuals living at home and their diverse requirements, expectations, moods, whims and fancies, She is always cheerful in spite of her many woes [And trust me! That’s a really long list…], She is always willing to lend an extra hand, She is focused about her work, She performs best when given freedom and independence [Does not like micromanagement or too many instructions].. She efficient, She’s a quick learner, She’s trust-worthy [& that’s a real virtue]….

In my heart, I know that she’s good in her work and is a valuable resource. And everything was going fine till she hinted that she was considering quitting.. I wondered what had gone wrong that she had to quit? When I engaged in meaningful dialog with her, here’s what I learnt - Of course, she wanted a hike [but that was not the important dimension to her resignation]. More discussions with her and I realized that I had probably been oblivious to her point of view on many things…

Be it in personal or professional life, we all have resources who are valuable.. And once in a way, it’s good to ask yourself…
1) Do you acknowledge enough all that they do?
2) Do you appreciate enough all that they do?
3) Are you sensitive to their needs, requirements and priorities?
4) Do you look at things from their perspective?
5) Are you considerate in what you give to them
6) Are you reasonable and realistic in your expectations from them?
7) Are you fair in your interactions with them?
8) Are you willing to go an extra mile to do things that are valuable to them?
9) Do you show that you care about them in ways that really make a difference to them? – And trust me! That makes a lot of difference in the long run..

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  1. Hope your maid situation is sorted and that you found someone new or she stayed back. The point is we can value people all we want and yet sometimes they will choose to go!