Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ear Piercing for a Baby

Piercing a baby’s ear is a milestone. While there are many views on the right time and age when this should be done, bear in mind the following:
• Get the Doctor’s Approval – A quick nod from the doctor is an important pre-requisite before a baby’s ear piercing
• Go to a Professional - Hire an expert / qualified person for the job. This could be a doctor or a jeweler. Nevertheless, take some effort to do a background check on the credentials. Also, do speak to others to get any feedback on live experiences with their babies
• Get the marking’s right – The most important aspect is to ensure that the ear piercing is at the center of the ear – Not too low, Not too left, Not too right. And to achieve this it is important to get the marking’s right when the baby is asleep / still. One does not want an error in the position as this is one thing which will stay with you for life – Unless one decides to repeat the exercise
• Hold the baby still – At the time of piercing, hold the baby still. Else, there is a high probability that the piercing will be inaccurate – And this could have lifelong implications
• Baby’s will cry – So just console them after the piercing is completed
• Post piercing Care – Wash and keep the area clean. Be observant of any bleeding or rashes or infection at the site of the piercing. A range of medicines or home-made remedies can be applied to ensure rapid healing and minimize the risk of infection. Also, gently rotate the ear-ring periodically
• Change the ear-ring – As recommended by the jeweler / doctor
• Avoid fancy stuff  - Especially the hanging varieties as there is a very high probability that the baby will pull them and injure themselves
• Don’t change the ear ring too frequently – Let the piercing settle down before you get too experimental

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