Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The FOP Mantra for Life...

The FOP Mantra for Life:
Be Futuristic in Perspective
Be Objective in Decision Making
Be Positive in Thought

Be Futuristic in Perspective: While the past is instrumental in making us what we are, and the present moment is all that we have, it is essential to be futuristic in perspective. It is important to learn from our past mistakes and try to avoid them, be cognizant of all our accomplishments and try to repeat them, acknowledge our limitations and try to overcome them & appreciate our strengths and try to build on them. And most importantly, focus all available energies towards the future

Be Objective in Decision Making:  It is important to be objective in key life’s decisions. While many of us rely on our feelings, instincts and intuition for many decisions, it is important to be objective when you take the final call. The most important thing to remember is that you have to live your decision. You cannot disown or run away from it. And while emotions sometimes last a few minutes, the impact of the decision lasts forever

Be Positive in Thought: If one is positive in thoughts, it is possible to surpass any challenges, hurdles, trials and problems that come your way. Given two people who face the same crisis in life, everything else being similar what eventually decides how their life turns out is directly dependant on their thoughts. If you think positive, the cosmos has a way to bring back positivity in your life.

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