Monday, August 29, 2011

Obesity is a disease...

Obesity is a disease which imposes several limitations – physical limitations in what you can do, mental limitations in what you think you can do, professional limitations in what you can achieve, lifestyle limitations in what you and those around you can do on a daily basis, social limitations in what kind of activities you can be associated with and indulge.

There are many factors which contribute to one’s obesity, they main ones include lack of exercise / limited physical activity over a period of time, quality of food, emotional upheaval for an extended duration - stress / anxiety / worry, inadequate sleep, and the inner working of your body (which includes factors like metabolic rate, hormones, genetic make-up, etc.) . Some of these can be modified / controlled while some are beyond one’s control

Unless one is born obese, it usually is a slow but steady phenomenon. Any / Many of the above contributing factors typically take one to the obese stage…And slowly, one begins to accept obesity as a part and way of life. Acceptance of obesity a very important milestone because it then changes the way you view yourself, your expectations of self and your expectations of others. And then it becomes difficult to return to one’s natural (non-obese) state…

It is better to prevent obesity by doing the following:
• Exercise – Walk for about 30 minutes daily / Play a sport at least 4 times a week. Try and make it a habit, an integral part of your daily routine.. A way of life
• Learn yoga / pranayama – Practice regularly. Shows amazing results for overall wellness
• Get adequate rest / sleep
• Release stress / worries / anxieties – in any way you can. For e.g.: Could be spending time with friends, listening to music, reading, etc.
• Learn to laugh and make it a practice to laugh everyday
• Watch what you eat – and eat sensibly every day

If one is obese, do note:
• Try not to accept obesity as a part of life – Till the time you can put up a good fight, there is hope
• You do owe yourself a healthy body to lead a quality, rich and fulfilling life – Make this an important priority in your life and focus your energies positively
• Set a realistic and achievable target for yourself. Read my earlier post on Weight Loss Mantras @
• Modify your diet as recommended by a doctor / dietician – And stick to it
• Drink lots of water everyday [At least 4 liters]. Start your day with a glass of water
• Walk for at least 30 minutes everyday
• Have an early dinner ; And ensure dinner is completed at least 3 hours before bed time
• Ensure a light dinner
• Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and salads
• Minimize fat / sugar / carbohydrates
• Watch what you snack on
• Do maintain a log of your net calorie intake. Track what you eat and how much you exercise
• And lastly, do remember that it has taken you months / years to become obese. So one cannot expect overnight weight loss miracles. Usually, it takes persistent efforts of 6 – 8 months to achieve desired results. So be honest to yourself, be objective, be disciplined and persevere

In conclusion - Listen to your body, Respect its needs and Treat it with care - It will reciprocate in all dimensions of your life…

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  1. I dont know about obesity but weight surely has numerous effects! Confidence, Health, Ability to do things. I know because I learnt the hard way!