Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Benefits of Yoga

Listing below the key benefits of yoga based on my personal experience:
·         Exponential increase in energy levels
·         Enables in creation of a daily routine
·         Promotes self-discipline
·         Brings agility in the body
·         Helps in toning the body
·         Tests your self-motivation
·         Brings flexibility in the body
·         Controls various medical ailments
·         Prevents several diseases
·         Makes you look years younger
·         Gives you ‘Me’ time
·         Enhances the metabolic rate of the body
·         Improves blood circulation
·         Brings about an overall state of well-being
·         Helps nurture better relationships [with family / friends]
·         Enables in mind-control
·         Brings focus in thought
·         Brings clarity of perspective
·         Creates a sense of balance in life
·         A different kind and level of inner peace
·         Creates a feeling of happiness
·         Totally different level of connectedness
·         A new experience, A new YOU!!!

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