Friday, September 23, 2011

Characteristics of a Mother

* Unconditional Love
* Ability to take selflessness to a whole new level
* Unimaginably selfish for the best interests of her children
* Open to try out anything if it means a better tomorrow for her children
* Willingness to learn, re-learn & un-learn: At any age, time and stage of life
* Openness to explore numerous alternatives - If it means new possibilities and opportunities for her children
* Unparalleled patience
* Ability to build and nurture relationships – If it will make a difference to the life of her children
* Countless sacrifices
* Openness to change – both internal and external changes
* Volcano of Emotions, as far as her children are concerned
* Unmatched Decision making skills
* Strong Gut / Intuition with respect to her children
* Excellent Mind readers of her children
* Always ready to do what it takes to make her children happy – No matter what it takes
* Excellent Mood readers of her children
* Fiercely protective
* Always has an answer to every question – No matter how well-read / literate she is
* Always knows the right thing to say to her children – Whatever be the situation
* Always proud of their children
* Amazing physical energy – And sometimes almost re-define what is humanly possible by one individual
* Phenomenal Mental strength
* Self-taught on all motherhood skills: No books, No classroom trainings, No guidance…
* Able to skill, re-skill, up-skill, down-skill: Based on the expectations of her children
* Always has time for her children; And if she does not, she creates it :)
* Is always there when children need her the MOST!!!

This post is dedicated to my mother and my daughter

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