Monday, September 5, 2011


The relationship between a Guru and Shishya is a precious one - one which you can truly comprehend only if you have had a great Guru, have had a great Shishya, you have been a great Shishya or you have been a great Guru.

At different stages and phases of life, we all play the role of a Guru or Shishya. Once we become adults, many of us rarely wear the hat of a Shishya – simply because we stop learning. For some it’s conscious and a matter of choice as they believe that there is nothing to learn, or there is no point in learning. For some it’s unconscious, as they are so busy in their day-to-day routine lives that they rarely take time to learn anything new. Of course, you don’t need a Guru to learn everything– There are other ways to learn. For e.g.: Self-learning. However if you have a good Guru – Learning becomes all the more interesting, focused, progressive, involved, regular, structured and swift.

To be a great Guru [especially a Guru for adults], one needs:
• To have mastery [knowledge, skills] on the subject at hand
• Have rich experience
• Be willing to share – knowledge, skills, learning’s, experiences
• Be able to motivate and inspire
• Understand the Shishya
• To customize the learning program based on the Shishya
• Be cognizant of the progress of the Shishya
• Be able to communicate / express successfully
• Provide feedback effectively – both positive and negative

To be a great Shishya [especially for adults], one needs:
• Be passionate about the subject / topic
• Have a thirst for learning
• Be self-disciplined
• Be open to feedback
• Be self-motivated

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