Monday, September 5, 2011

In life what you need is...

1) Purpose in Life: A purpose in life which one is passionate about is vital to sail through life. If you have a dream which is larger than life, it usually provides the required fuel, energy and focus required to forge ahead in life on a day-to-day basis

2) Positivity: A positive approach and attitude to life keeps on going through many a rainy and sunny day. Be positive! Think positive! Associate with positive people! Speak positive! And most importantly, try to find something positive in every life experience

3) Self-Belief: This means believing in yourself every time, every single time. At times, there may be moment of doubt, but as long as these are lingering flashes, and self-belief is the pre-dominant thought, you will be able to surpass (m)any hurdles in life.

4) Self-Motivation: Self motivation is a very important attribute in life. Self motivation is the ability to be able to get yourself to do things – irrespective of the circumstances or constraints around you.

5) Self-Discipline: Self-discipline is about doing what you believe is the right thing to do regularly. And to be honest to yourself on how regular you are.

6) Self-Confidence: Be confident in yourself - your abilities, your expressions, your communication, your decisions, your strengths, your weaknesses, your thoughts, your actions

7) Time Management: Time Management is a very important aspect to lead a fulfilling and happy life. We all play many roles, shoulder different responsibilities and constantly strive to meet several expectations. To be able to successfully do this, it is important to be able to effectively manage your time. This is possible by right prioritization, meticulous planning and efficient execution

8) Decision Making: Decision making skills are imperative in one’s everyday life. We all need to make several decisions regularly – on small issues, big issues, complex issues and issues which change your life forever. Adult life can be complicated many times when you need to make decisions for others – And several times in ambiguous situations with limited data points. Hence, you need to be able to have a clear head and a thought process which will enable you to make decisions. And then after making the decision, you need to live to see the consequence of the decision.

9) Common Sense: A little common sense goes a long way in how well one is able to live in the complex world around us

10) Desire to experience Life: Your desire to live and experience life is an important element for how rich and diverse your experiences are, and this in turn impacts the quality of your thoughts and your life.

11) Never-Give-Up Attitude : An attitude in which you don’t give up – on your dreams, on your hopes, on your values, on your beliefs, on what’s close to your heart go a long way in how your life shapes up…

Compiled based on a discussion with SPK

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