Friday, September 23, 2011

Maintenance Efforts

Maintenance Efforts take time... Way too much time - Many times beyond what you want.. What you wish.. What you intend..- Be it your house maintenance, maintenance of your car, maintenance of your appearance, maintenance of you weight, maintenance of your health, maintenance of your relationships, maintenance of your finances, maintenance of your thoughts, maintenance of your hard disk, maintenance of your mail box, maintenance of your wardrobes, maintenance of your paper-work, maintenance of your art-work, maintenance of your IT applications, maintenance of your music, maintenance of your bookmarks / favorites, maintenance of your socks / shoes / foot-wear, maintenance of your photographs, maintenance of your life memories, maintenance of your online profiles [Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.], maintenance of your resume, maintenance of................................

And yet, there are some similar traits of any maintenance efforts:
* They are absolutely essential; else they magnify and manifest in ways you can never imagine
* They take time and effort
* They are perpetuity; and sometimes haunt you for life :(
* They are usually boring and monotonous to work on
* They usually require only YOU to work on them - You can't delegate or outsource :(

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