Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Role Models

Many people I know always look for role models in super achievers… Probably because their lives and successes have been glorified by multiple mediums through varied channels and in diverse forums. This glorification gives them an elevated status in society.

With all due respect to their achievements, I wonder why we can’t look around us for the “real-life achievers” to be our role models
People whom we interact with on a daily basis
People who each have their struggles of life
People who are all living with multiple constraints
People who trying to meet their diverse set of commitments
People who are constantly striving to meet other’s expectations
People who have made and continue to make innumerable sacrifices
And people who live life with grace, self-respect, confidence and dignity in-spite of everything!

It could be your mother, father, sister, brother, wife, son, daughter, friend, extended family, boss, colleague, maid, milk-man, cobbler, vegetable vendor, teacher, doctor, nurse….. anyone…

Sometimes all it takes is to make an attempt to ask
Sometimes all it takes is to make an attempt to listen
Sometimes all it takes is to take a pause to reflect
Sometimes all it takes is a moment to realize

Look around you.. There are many role-models… 
From whom you can learn
From whom you can be inspired
Just look… with open eyes, open ears, open mind and open heart!

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