Friday, September 23, 2011


Some people leave a void in your life..

One which never be filled
One which no on can replace
One which makes you realize what they really meant
One which makes you understand their real value
One which helps you appreciate all that they did
One which forces you to look at things you never did
One which compels you to empathize
One which broadens your views and perspectives
One which gives you strength to endure
One which forces you to think, reflect
One which enables you to experience different emotions
One which entrusts on you new responsibilities
One which you makes you realize how much you took for granted
One which makes you realize how much they really left behind
One which makes you recognize how inter-related your lives were
One which makes you comprehend how much you learnt
One which makes you ponder on 'How much you said?', 'How much you did?'....
One which makes you reflect on 'What else you could have said?', 'What else you could have done?'
One which makes you accept that everything is temporary ; Nothing is permanent in the world

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