Monday, September 19, 2011

What Rs 4999 can buy?

Vegetables and Fruits for a family for at least 2 months
A cook for at least 2 months
Fuel for your vehicle for at least about 1 month  [Of course, depends on type of vehicle and distance commuted]
Groceries for a family for at least 1 month
A nanny for at least about 1 month
A basic 1 room accommodation in a decent locality for at least about 1 month
At least about 1 month maintenance bills of your apartment [including Electricity, Water and Maintenance Charges]
At least 2 haemo dialysis sittings
Basic medical check-up at any hospital [including blood work and routine medical tests]
At least 3 root canal treatments with a dentist of repute
At least 10 consultations with a reputed pediatrician
At least 15 consultations with a reputed cardiologist
At least 25 CD’s / DVD’s
At least about 10 books
At least 100 movies on Tata Sky ShowCase
A personal driver for about at least 1 month
A decent mobile
Professional services of a dietician for at least 1 month
A Corelle crockery set
At least 2 pairs of jeans
At least 1 elaborate visit to a high-end beauty parlor for a woman
Mobile bill payment for at least 3 months [Varies based on your usage!]
A good branded perfume
At least 20 movies in the theater
A decent stroller for a baby
At least twenty packets of tissue papers of 50 pieces / pack [Of course, in a whole sale shop]
A lunch party with a group of 10 friends at a good restaurant
A one way ticket from Delhi to Bangalore
A personal yoga instructor for at least 1 month
A gym membership for at least 1 month
A Tommy Hilfiger jeans for a adult male
Small diamond studs as the first ear-ring for a baby
An exotic lunch buffet at a five / seven star restaurant for at least 2 people
A one-night stay @ a three / four-star restaurant (depending on the location)
A designer birthday dress for a 1 year old baby!!!

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  1. seems like its time for ur baby to turn a yr old. :) interesting read.