Friday, October 28, 2011

10 Reasons why you should write?

1) Writing makes you think – The single most important benefit of writing is that it makes you think. And thoughts are vital in the journey of life. Simply because to think you need to observe, you need to listen, you need to smell, you need to feel, you need to analyze, you need to reason, you need to question, you need to rationalize, you need to appreciate, you need to process, you need to internalize, you need to conclude.

2) Writing brings clarity – One of the most important pre-requisite for writing is clarity - Clarity in data & facts, clarity in reasoning, clarity in views, clarity in opinions. At the outset, you may not necessarily have the clarity to write, but before you finish you should have the required clarity else you will not be able to complete a piece of writing to your own satisfaction.

3) Writing facilitates learning – One of the perks of writing is that it facilitates learning. Because when you write – you tend to ask questions – both to yourself and others, you tend to read, you tend to notice, you tend to reflect – And all these contribute towards your learning.

4) Writing enables growth – As long as you learn, you grow. And growth can be in one / many dimensions of life like intellectual growth, professional growth, personal growth, emotional growth, spiritual growth… And growth is a key contributing factor for progress in life.

5) Writing improves your literary skills – If you take the time to write, you will definitely improve your literary skills over a period of time. Not only will you learn new words and improve on the P’s and Q’s of writing, but can also learn and develop alternate literary forms – from prose to poetry. And the only way to improve in anything in life is to continuously work on it.

6) Writing opens new doors – From new friends, to new ideas, to new possibilities, to new ways to constructively utilize your time, to new ways to earn money, to new professions, to new experiences, to new considerations, to new contemplations, to new harbingers...

7) Writing makes you disciplined – One of the best effects of writing is that it makes you disciplined. In your thoughts, in your daily routine.. And once you experience the benefits of writing and begin to enjoy it, it becomes a habit.. A compulsion.. A fascination..

8) Writing gives you ME time – Writing gives you time to be with yourself… To connect within in your own way, at your own pace…

9) Writing makes you view writers and books in a new light – Only when you write do you appreciate the process of writing. [ Refer my earlier post "Writing is a creative process" @ ]. And only then do you acknowledge and value the work of other writers and all the books you read in life..

10) Writing gives you a chance to leave a legacy – Irrespective of your age, you will always cherish personal writings – Be it from your parents, your grandparents, your uncles, aunts, nephews / niece, your children, your special friends, your past lovers, your soul mate, your role models, your teachers, your mentors, your students, your boss, your customer….
And so in the same light, if you do write a note, a blog, a tweet, a poem, a story, an article, a point of view, a citation, a commendation – It sure has the potential to be of value to someone somewhere… either today or 50 years from now… And that will be your legacy.. Provided you start writing.... today....


  1. Good article Nischala. Very consice, crisp and clear...

  2. Good one,
    Believe that writing is also our responsibility, to pass on lessons from generation to next.

  3. Yes Pavan.. I agree with you.. And do think that your Inflection Point Series / other blogs will eventually be part of your legacy..