Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011: Cogitations of Life – Part 1

* Nothing is really permanent in this world

* When your time is up, it’s up – There are just no extensions. And when you go, you take nothing really with you. And what you leave, is part of your legacy. Legacy can have several dimensions – ranging from financial assets, to prized possessions, to unique collections, to photos, to writings, to the values you instilled in those within the sphere of your influence, to what you taught others, to how you influenced someone’s life and lastly, memories...

* It’s important to think and plan about your legacy in your 30’s – 40’s. In reality, it can take at least a decade or two to build a legacy to your own personal satisfaction

* There’s a great deal one can achieve [even alone] by sheer will-power, perseverance, positive thoughts, conviction and single-minded purpose towards a specific cause

* If you have a good cause in mind, the resources and support will materialize in front of you - somehow along the way…[Rhonda Byrne’s SECRET always works.. You should know how to apply it]

* People change in unimaginable ways based on your presence and absence; That is the REALITY

* If you have at least 3 REAL friends, consider yourself lucky – And by REAL I mean You can call them anytime of the day or night & they will pick up the phone (at least most of the times), They will not judge you for anything you say or do, They will listen to you most of the times, They will not give unsolicited advice, You can ring their doorbell anytime of the day, They will be physically present with you when you need them the most – even if it means they fly continents just to give you a shoulder, They will stand by you; especially during the bad times and They will be willing to write a blank cheque for you without asking Why? And when will you return the money? – I know I am lucky as I already have my 3 REAL friends…:)

* In the journey of life, the following are vital - Hope, Love, Dreams, Emotions, Experiences, Changes, Catalysts, Passions, Inspirations, Purpose, Peace, Satisfaction, Energy, Friends, Laughs

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