Friday, November 25, 2011

To Dani, Alana & Kate

Over the past few years, I have enjoyed watching Cookery Shows on TV. Among my personal picks are the reality competitive ones - Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef Australia. I guess the key reason is that these shows combine cooking, creativity, creations, competition and reality – Hence make them a treat to watch!
And in every season, I have my favorite contestants.. 2011 MasterChef Australia was no exception - Dani and Alana were top on my list. There is definitely more to every individual than what is portrayed on the TV. While my perceptions are based entirely on what I watched in the series - both Dani and Alana stood out in several ways.
What I loved about Dani? - Her smile which was contagious, Her energy which was mostly vivacious and bubbly, Her enthusiasm, Her positivity and Her spirit throughout the contest
What I loved about Alana? - Again her smile, Her focus, Her objectivity, Her transformation in the kitchen in every dish she created – Almost as if she was another person! She runs her own food blog @
And then of course, the winner of the show Kate… I think what stood out about Kate was her simplicity, humility, determination, presence of mind and of course most importantly, culinary skills which enabled her to win. Her interview after the win is @

And my take-away from the 2011 season series were
· Cooking is definitely a creative process
· In a competitive reality show, it’s finally your performance in the kitchen on a specific day which makes all the difference. It’s like an exam / stage performance. It does matter how much blood and sweat you put in for preparation and prior to the exam / performance – What matters is how you performed in the time when it mattered the most - for which you will be assessed, evaluated and judged
· Winning is not everything – The journey is important · Being a judge on a reality show is a responsibility – Specially since your words and decisions have the potential to change the hopes, dreams and life’s of many aspirants in the contest
· Age is no bar if you want to learn, try, experiment or follow your dreams
· Your beginnings or past need not dictate your present and future life – It all depends on your thoughts, your passions and your dreams
· Support from friends and family goes a long way in what one achieves in life
· Life is about learning, and the richness of your life is directly proportional to your learnings – What you learn? How much you learn? Whether you are open to learning? And most importantly, what you do with all that you learn?
· Cooking is about skill, technique, creativity, presence of mind, experience, openness, experimentation, observations, learning, improvement……………perfection
· At the end of the day, what REALLY matter in a dish is the taste – This is the soul of any dish. Of course, the visual presentation, the smells, the sounds and the textures make a difference.
· Who cooked the dish makes an ocean of a difference in how it will eventually end up - And the state of your mind and the state of your emotions has a direct impact on how your dish will finally turn out ( And I don’t have scientific evidence to prove this, but from my experience and those of others, I believe its true)

Wishing Dani, Alana and Kate good luck and success in their careers in the food business

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