Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two things which can change an argument..

The two things which can change the course and conclusion of any argument are
1) A smile
2) A joke..
If you take a minute to pause and reflect on this based on your life experiences… you will probably agree with me…

Why does a smile have this impact?
An argument typically tends to create an environment of negative energies and is usually stressful. And a smile changes the mood and energy of the environment. In fact, it acts as a mood and energy leveler. And once your emotions change, so do your thoughts, views and expressions - especially in cases where you are taking things personally.

And from personal experience, I have seen individuals placed in the most difficult situations have been able to change the course and closure of an argument [suitably in their favor] just with a sweet smile.

Of course, you should use your discretion on when to smile, how much to smile and whom to smile at.. And if you figure this out, a smile can save your day!!!

Why does a joke have this impact?
Again a little humor goes a long way in bringing a pause in the negative chain of thought. And once you laugh, you automatically break that chain of thought and emotion. As a result, you tend to be happier, positive and balanced in your perspective. You will then view things in a new light, which will impact the course and conclusion in an argument.

Of course, you need to be careful on the choice of the joke given the audience who will listen to it [especially that it should not be personal, offend or hurt anyone] and choose the appropriate time, place and style to articulate it. And once you have figured this out, a laugh can save your day!!!

So, ending with words of wisdom
• Have a repository of jokes
• Practice Smiling!!!

Thank You M – You know why?

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  1. Very well said. However don't you think even a kiss changes an argument?;-) Now I am smiling to that Argument. So do I win?