Saturday, December 31, 2011

The 12 New-Year-Worthy Questions to ask yourself at the start of a NEW YEAR

It’s the start of a new year. A new calendar year. It’s a new beginning. One which you should welcome with an open mind, positive energy, new passions, fresh dreams and new hopes…
The New Year is a great time to pause reflect and introspect on life’s many dimensions. And then decide what you would like to focus your energies on during the year– With the right intent, great enthusiasm, positive energy and in good spirit. In this blog, I have listed the 12 New-Year-Worthy questions that you should ask yourself and answer in all honesty again to yourself. If nothing else, the answers will show you the real picture and burst a few bubbles…

1) Am I doing things that I love?
If you are doing things you love, then great. If not, then you probably would give one of the following reasons –Circumstances out of my control, Other Priorities, Unplanned / unexpected situations, Never ending Constraints, Commitments to be honored, Personal Limitations. Well, do remember that every human-being anywhere on this earth (either today or generations ago) had / has one / many of the above at one / many phases in life– So you are not alone. And yet, some people always find or make the time to do things that they love. Maybe you need to just squeeze in that little time to do things you love or make a vocation of the things you love. Doing things you love will make you happy

2) Am I learning enough?
Learning is a very important dimension to personal growth and development. It does not matter what you are learning, from whom you are learning, how you are learning, how much you are learning – But what’s important is that you learn consciously and invest some time and effort regularly to learn new things. If in your own assessment you are not learning enough, then it’s important to identify what you want to learn in 2012 and set aside time on a regular basis for learning

3) Am I content with the current state of my overall health?
The fact is that your overall state of health and well-being will determine the quality of your life today and tomorrow. Hence, it is imperative that you take time to invest in your overall health and wellness. In reality, you know your state of personal health the best, and hence you would be the best judge. If you are not content, then it’s time to ask yourself what is it that you need to, want to do and should do to improve it?

4) Am I really happy with myself?
Another very profound question – But the answer to which can sometimes be a revelation to you. Simply because you try to make everyone around you happy; and end up unhappy with yourself. So do mull over this and see if you need to change one / many aspects of your own life

5) Am I spending time with those who matter to me?
Again, time is one of your most valuable personal assets. So use it wisely, and ensure that you earmark some time periodically for those who matter to you – It can be your family, friends, staff, acquaintances, colleagues, soul-mates, etc. But sharing your life with those who matter strengthens relationships and does wonders to your happiness quotient

6) Am I living life to the best of my potential?
You are endowed with infinite potential – Some you are aware, some unexplored and some ignored. But if you ask yourself this question again and follow it with Why? Why Not? - You will get the answers. Not just a Yes No kind of answer, but more importantly answers which will enable you to live life to the best of your potential

7) Am I content with my current state of personal finances?
Your current state of personal finances is a function of how much you have earned, how much you have saved, how wisely you invested and most importantly how much effort you took to understand and review your finances periodically. And your state of personal finance will determine the choices that you will make today, and in the future. So if this dimension of your life needs attention, give it the attention it deserves now

8) Am I happy with the current state of my immediate living environment?
Your current living environment – be it at work or office or anywhere else affects your thoughts, your energies, your productivity and your creativity. So make sure it is clean, well-organized and the way you want it to be – to get the best out of yourself

9) Have I made peace with my past?
Many of us tend to hold on to our past; and how ever hard we try we are unable to let-go. And in life it’s important to let-go and make peace with your past – especially the negativity. Just accept it and release the baggage. Of course, it is wise to take the lessons along. And then focus your energies on the present and future

10) Am I giving enough?
In life, you give some and you get some. Most of us tend to receive more than we give. In the long run, it’s important to give – To friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, an unknown face, a needy soul, someone less fortunate, another living being.
And what can you give? A smile, an advice, a thought, a good deed, an idea, a motivation, an inspiration, time, knowledge, support, a shoulder, a ear, a helping hand, a life lesson, wisdom..

11) Do I need to review the state of my online / offline data?
Over the years, most of us have gigabytes of data which we have accumulated – on hard disk, mails, social media profiles, etc. etc. And along the way, you have not spent enough time in maintaining them and hence today they are crying for maintenance. And you never get around to doing it – simply because it can wait, it’s boring and it takes time. Well! The reality is that it is only going to grow with time and before it gets completely unmanageable, you might as well begin with regular up-keep and maintenance. Hence, the New Year is a good time to critically review, clean and organize all your online and offline data – Simply by deleting unwanted content and organizing useful content better.

12) Am I really experiencing life?
Are you really experiencing life – Love, Laughs, Romance, Tears, Cultures, People, Heart-breaks, Passions, Rainbows, Disappointments, Failure, Trials, Experiments, Cuisines, Technology,…..
Because the more open you are, the more your experience, the more you enjoy and the more fulfilling life is…

And on that note, I hope this year brings your way good health, joys, happiness, new passions, gratifying relationships, loads of wealth, success, prosperity and dreams fulfilled.

Happy New Year!!!