Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Blogging Feedback - What Readers have said about my blogs?

Since I spent a great deal of my time, energy and efforts on blogging during 2011, thought it would be a good point in time to reflect on my journey as a blogger...

In this blog, I have attempted to consolidate all the feedback that I have recieved from readers for my posts ...

1) I Enjoyed reading.. Loved reading, Look forward to reading - This is what a lot of readers have said
2) I love your writing style - Its so easy to read and easy to comprehend (That's art and skill I've been told)
3) It made me think - That's an achievement in my view
4) It changed my opinions - Wow!
5) I cried, laughed, smiled - Being able to touch someone's emotions is again something!
6) I felt your writing was for ME, about ME (as a reader) - Yes! That's again a skill I've been told
7) I learnt
8) I was inspired
9) You write really well
10) I love the range of subjects / topics you write about

1) More visuals / pictures, where possible
2) More Depth on some subjects
3) More reader engagement through comments

All points to ponder about and hopefully the fodder for 2012..

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