Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Movie Musings | No One Killed Jessica

Like every other movie, No One Killed Jessica has its share of action, emotion, message, humor, drama and heroism (or heroineism if you call it).. And after watching the movie, some lingering thoughts:
· The power of a collective mass of individuals when aligned to a specific cause is unparalleled. If you look back in time, there are ample examples of when the power of the collective has yielded powerful results – which have created nations, ended wars, formed laws, institutionalized key policies, etc.
· When your time is up, it’s up – And when you go, your legacy is really how many lives you touched, what people remember you for, how many people will remember you and how many people will stand up for you when you are gone..
· Injustice and pain has the potential to transform the DNA of any individual
· Ordinary individuals can achieve the extraordinary – If they believe in a cause, are passionate about it, have systemic support, catalysts which motivate them at critical times & most importantly, if something deep down in their soul is stirred…

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