Friday, December 16, 2011

My 2011 Blogging Achievements

2011 has been the year of blogging.. My key highlights and achievements listed below:

• In terms of number of posts, I have published more than 1200 posts [including all public, private and restricted blogs]

• A list of my public blogs & what they are about:
1) VERVE @ : This is a blog in which I write about my thoughts, my experiences, my perspectives, my insights on any topic of my choice
2) Worth a Read @ : A compilation of interesting, touching, humorous write-ups that I come across... And believe it’s worth a read...
3) All About Foodz @ : An effort to capture and consolidate all that I learn, hear, read and experience about different kinds of foods.. Some are worth knowing, To some you say Wow and some blow your mind away..
4) My Professional Blog - Nischala’s Space, Thoughts and Expressions - @ : This is the blog in which I write about topics of professional interest – primarily focused on BPM, Branding, Consulting, Innovation, Leadership, Marketing, Payment Systems, Social Media and Strategy

• In addition, I blog at the following corporate / community blogs:
Wipro @
PaulWriter @

• In terms of being featured on other forums / Guest blogs, the list below:
1) [Is special as the audience reach and viewership on this site is amazing and the 12Most Tribe is a great community of writers, thinkers and human beings]
12 Most Wonderful Moments in the first year of Motherhood @
12 Most Compelling Reasons to write @
12 Most Mesmerizing Mantras on how to publish 321 blogs in 321 days @
12 Most Genuine Ways to support a cause @

2) ProBlogger -Why You Should Wear The 6 Thinking Hats On Your Blog was published on Problogger @ [Dream for most bloggers]

3) MindBlogs @ [Is precious as this was my first guest post and was featured on a very special day]

4) StudioThirty Plus @ [Never expected this!!]

5) My post “In your 30’s” @ was featured in Sep 2011 edition of Wipro magazine

• Been featured as Blogger of the Month @ Wipro – Nov 2011

If you have enjoyed reading my blogs, do forward to anyone who will enjoy reading
I do intend to start new categories of blogs from 2012.. If you would like me to write about anything in specific, leave a comment

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  1. I love all ur blogs on all ur sites..i used to love nimulife blogs as well before u restricted them..that was far more personal and i cud relate to. Share it again if poss and blog blog more..