Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vijay Diwas at India Gate

I had the opportunity to view for the first time a live Army Band at the India Gate for the celebration of Vijay Diwas.. If your wondering what Vijay Diwas is, refer @
A great experience...

* The sheer range of musical instruments that were used in the Indian Army Band was amazing - Ranged from drums, flute, harmonium, violin, guitar, etc etc
* Talent of the Army officers was awesome! The rendition of different genres of music and songs was perfect - from classical, to Bollywood - The range was impressive
* The synchronization and performance of the band was flawless...
* The lighting at India Gate was spectacular - With the onset of fog, the lighting - natural, artificial lamps and the immortal fire was a beautiful view
* The whole energy in the atmosphere infuses respect for the Indian Army
* The environment instils patriotism and pride to be an Indian

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