Monday, January 23, 2012

Relationships of Life

In the voyage of life - You build, nurture and let-go of one / many relationships…
And in a pensive moment when you try to connect the dots of your life, you realize the many facets of relationships

Some make you love yourself
Some teach you to fall in love
Some coerce you to experience love
Some enable you to express your love
Some make you understand the meaning of life

Some make you define your priorities
Some enable you to choose your priorities
Some compel you to re-define your priorities

Some teach you
Some make you teach

Some are amazing
You are amazed at how some turn out
Some never cease to amaze you

Some inspire you
To some you are an inspiration

Some make you care
Some teach you to care
Some show you the way to care
And some make you realize that its not worth caring for

Some make you laugh
Some make you cry
Some make you hope
And some make you pine

Some make you forget yourself
Some make you forget the world
Some make you forget time
Some make you forget life

Some encompass you in a bubble
Some make you burst your bubbles
Some fill your life with bubbles of many kinds

Some are great
Some are good
Some are okay
Some are bad
Some are ugly

There are just so many kinds of relationships
And each one
Was meant to be
Is meant to be

To make you live
To make you learn
To make you love
To make you what you are
To mold you to what you should be
To eventually route you to the final destination

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