Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 VERVE Series

In 2012, I wanted to try a new concept on all my blogs.. And I was unable to zero-in on the specific focus for this blog.. As I mulled over it, ideas eluded me till today which I realized that it was already mid-February and I was still grappling with concepts till it occurred to me..The EUREKA Moment..

So, I'll be doing 2 Series
1) A Social Good Series where I will be featuring individuals / organizations across the globe who are working towards a good cause - The idea is really to share knowledge, create awareness, educate and possibly give you an avenue / idea in case you want to help / support
2) Indian Festivals Series in which I will be blogging about the key festivals in India - Putting together a short note on When they are celebrated?, Why they are celebrated? and their significance....

Hope you enjoy reading these series as much I enjoy writing about them....

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