Monday, February 13, 2012

9 Ways to LOVE YOURSELF this Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day (14 Feb)... And while there's lot of advice, tips, suggestions and advice on LOVE... I think its important to LOVE YOURSELF too

If you invest time to LOVE YOURSELF, you will be a HAPPY POSITIVE and PEACEFUL PERSON, and are able to radiate LOVE and POSITIVITY in the relationships which make a difference to you

In this post, I will list down the many ways you can LOVE yourself this Valentine's Day

1) Do 3 THINGS you LOVE today
Think about 3 things which you really LOVE doing- Small, Big, Fun, Adventorous, Routine, Boring.... It can be reading, music, dance, just giving a piece of your mind to someone, laughing with your kids, writing... Whatever! Just identify 3 things which will make you HAPPY and DO THEM TODAY! One suggestion - Whatever else you do, make sure you laugh - Read jokes, Watch a funny movie, etc etc

2) Focus on 1 POSITIVE THOUGHT for the WHOLE DAY
As you start your day, think of 1 positive thought which you will carry in your mind for the rest of the day. It could be "I love myself" OR "I am happy" OR "I love my life" or "I am at peace with myself".. whatever! Just think of 1 positive thought and stick with it through the day. By the end, you feel more happy, positive and that's the BEST way to love yourself for a day

3) Spend time with PEOPLE you LOVE
It could in the real world or virtual world, but just spend time with people you love. It will make you happy, and hopefully them also...:)

4) Practice the SILENT HOUR today
1 hour of silence in a day is a wonderful way to love yourself. Shut off the news, views, Google, phone, worries - & be silent. Feel free to think and feel what you want, but don't say anything. Try it - It's a wonderful way to LOVE yourself. Definitely worth it!

5) Do a random GOOD DEED today
Doing a randon GOOD DEED for a known or unknown face in the real or virual world is a fantastic act. If your wondering how, a few suggestions - Donate blood, Sponsor a meal for someone who can't afford it, sponsor education for someone who can't afford it. The following links may help you - Global Giving, Akshaya.
Not only will you feel happy and content within, but you have done good karma for the day. And your good deed made a difference to someone - And thats a wonderful way to give back for all the wonderful things you have in life

6) Make a COMMITMENT today to make a POSITIVE CHANGE in your LIFE
Many of us start the new year with resolutions and by now, many have fizzled out.. One of the best ways to LOVE yourself today is to make a personal COMMITMENT for a POSITIVE CHANGE in your LIFE. Just pick one area and focus on it. If you're wondering how to do it, my posts on 12 New Year Worthy Questions to Ask Yourself at the start of 2012 OR 12 Choices to Transform your life will give some questions you can ask yourself.. And hopefully, you will get some ideas or inspiration on the kind of changes you can aim for

7) Do something lovely for someone you LOVE
Do something lovely for someone you LOVE - It can be your parents, spouse, special friend, children, family, people at work, etc - Do something which others will LOVE.. And if people you LOVE are happy, you are too - And that's a great way to LOVE yourself

8) Eat something you love
Yes! Having food you love is a wonderful way to love yourself. You eat what you love, you feel happy, you radiate positive energy and that's a great way to live the day

One of the best ways to love yourself for a day is to dispel JUDGMENT. Don't judge yourself, others, life, events, news, views, opinions, words,.. At the end of the day, you will feel happier, lighter, and more positive - in LOVE with yourself and others...

And on that note, Happy Valentine's Day
LOVE YOURSELF on this special Day


  1. Hope you managed to get all your 9 done today. 9= 3 times 3!!

  2. Happy V Day, Nischala. Wow! That's called the power of 9:)