Friday, February 17, 2012

Social Good - Narayanan Krishnan - Feeding freshly cooked meals 3 times a day

In June 2002, Krishnan saw a famished old man eating his own human waste. As the old man ate the food given to him, he held Krishnan’s hand, giving very real sensation of a powerful energy. The never felt before inner happiness and fulfillment turned Krishnan's life.

From June 2002 feeding is done for helpless, roadside destitute in Madurai who are not beggars. From January 2003, freshly cooked food is served thrice daily

From about 30 (June 2002) number of beneficiaries grown to over 425/day (2011 ) Over 1.9 million meals served till December 2011

Stop by at the Akshaya Trust website to see how you can help..

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