Friday, February 17, 2012

Social Good - Omkar Nath Sharma - Build a Medicine Bank for Poor

72-year-old Omkar Nath Sharma, has been on a mission to build a medicine bank in Delhi. Nath’s model is simple. He goes door to door in South Delhi collecting surplus medicines from homes. He then sorts them by expiry date and with the help of NGOs, makes them available to those who can’t afford to buy medicines. And what’s more, even though both his legs were deformed in an accident, he doesn’t let his physical disability come in the way of his mission

If you have medicines in your house which you won't use .. It can help someone somewhere... You can Omkar to check on this at the details below:
Omkar Nath Sharma
B180, Galli No.4
Mandwali Gali
Mangalpuri Phase 2
Delhi 110045
Phone: +91-9250243298

If someone like him can help others, I am sure you can in your own way!!!


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