Friday, February 24, 2012

What a business idea? - How to Potty Train your child in 3 days...

One of the most challenging things for any parent is potty training your child...And  I happened to come across a site which claims to help parents achieve this in 3 days @

What an amazing business idea Carol Cline!!!

Initially, I laughed.. How can someone have a business with this one idea..? But as I mulled further... I realized that here was a brilliant business... And admired Carol for what she's managed to accomplish...

I just went back to the basics of business.. and what I learnt in my MBA..
Really what was the problem?
what was the solution?
was there a market?
was there a need?

My reflections below:

What was the problem / need?
How to potty train your child quickly

If yes, how well defined was the problem?
Very very well defined... Clear and concise
And in business if the problem statement is CLEAR, the more easy it is to find a SOLUTION and more importantly it is EASIER to SELL... Becuase if others can relate to your articulation of the SPECIFIC problem, the solution will DEFINITELY appeal...

Why Carol's solution appeals?
She provides the ANSWER to the problem. And not just a theoretical one, but a tried and tested one - From her own experience as a mother of 4 children + In her experience of running a baby care + All the client testimonials on her web-site...
And she GUARANTEES that you will achieve this in 3 DAYS :)

Was there a market?
Of course... What with approximately 490,000 babies born every day worldwide [Src:].. At some time they all need to be potty trained...
Of course, some learn by themselves, but for most someone HAS TO TEACH THEM !!!

Are you willing to pay for this?
If you've ever been a parent in your life, you'll realize that this is one thing you wish you were able to teach your child with the sway of a magic wand... And I mean it! And Carol claims that she can help you achieve this in 3 Days - GUARANTEED!!!

But how much will you pay?
Honestly I don't know.. That depends on your personal context, how much you have tried already and most importantly, how much time you are willing to invest in teaching your child....

But if you want to get your child trained in 3 days - Carol has the answer (so it seems!!) and also the PRICE :)

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