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12 Most Interesting Ways in which the WEATHER influences your LIFE

If you have ever lived / are living in a place which experiences extreme weather conditions, you will agree that the weather has a significant impact on your everyday routine, on your life.. And while many of us don’t acknowledge or realize the magnitude of this impact, we know deep down that there is a definite influence of the weather…

In this blog, I have articulated the 12 most important dimensions on how the weather can affect your day.. your life…

(1) You’re Getting up from Bed
One of the first impacts of the weather is when you will wake up from bed? And more importantly, whether you want to wake up? On bright summery days, the first rays of the early morning sun wake you up bright and early, ready to take on the day with zeal and enthusiasm. On cold snowy foggy wintery days, you just want to snuggle in bed and wish you could stay there all day! In reality, when and how you wake up sets the tone for the rest of the day!

(2) Your Dressing up
The weather affects what you can wear, what you feel like wearing and most importantly, what you actually end up wearing. In terms of colors, in terms of textures, in terms of styles, in terms of lengths, in terms of fashion, in terms of layers, in terms of accessories, in terms of foot-wear…..

(3)What you eat / drink?
The weather directly affects what is available to eat, what you eat and drink and also how much you actually guzzle. On a hot day, you yearn for ice creams, cold coffees, etc. And on cold days, you desire hot coffee, tea, milk, etc. And what you eat affects your thoughts, your energy, your life…

(4) Your Daily Lifestyle
Your daily routine in affected by the weather. In terms of whether or not you exercise (& also how much), in terms of mode of travel and travel time, in terms of the length of the day, in terms of how much time you can get for work, play, prayer, family, friends, fun, reading, writing… just about everything! And lastly, in terms of when you go to bed!

(5) Your Activities & Hobbies
The activities and hobbies you can indulge in depend a lot on the weather - In terms of feasibility, in terms of accessibility, in terms of availability, in terms of affordability

(6) Your Moods
Weather has a direct impact on your moods and the moods of those around you. On a gloomy day, your mood also tends to be low. On a bright chirpy day, your mood is reflective of the atmosphere around and you tend to be cheerful and more positive.

(7) Your Social Life
Social Life is again directly dependent on the weather. Little things like when and how you can visit someone, how you can entertain guests in your home, embarking on an outdoor group activity, organizing an major life event like a wedding, birthday celebration, a party, etc. – They are all linked to the weather!!

(8) Your Productivity
Your productivity is again influenced by the weather. In your personal life for things like how much time you take to do daily things like cooking, eating, cleaning, gardening, laundry, home-maintenance, etc. In your professional like for things like how quickly you are able to complete an assigned task, how effectively you can delegate, etc.

(9) Your Life Skills
Weather also affects life skills in ways you don’t acknowledge, recognize or fully appreciate – Things like presence of mind, communication, alertness, attentiveness, negotiation, collaboration (both how well you collaborate with others and how well others collaborate with you), listening skills, memory, concentration, attention to detail, ability to grasp new things, ability to comprehend, ability to learn……

(10) Your Creativity
Any creative soul will vouch for this. Based on your basic nature and individual body type, there are specific seasons of the year when your creative energy and juices just flow… And while you may not have recognized this, if you look back at times when you have been extraordinarily creative, you will be able to see a pattern.. Yes! Weather does affect your creativity..

(11) Your Emotions
Weather does affect your basic human emotions – In terms of how you feel and the depth of your emotions – Ranging from love, hate, fear, sadness, joy, acceptance, surprise, anger, disgust, anticipation. While weather is not the only determinant for your emotions, it does play a contributing factor

(12) Your Thoughts
The last and most important effect of the weather is on your thoughts. In terms of what you think about, How much you think, Why you think, When you think, Where you think, About whom you think and finally, what you do about all your thinking!!!

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