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12 Most Vital Things To Do after you Turn 30

There is something about turning 30 which is a milestone age for many of us.

The 30’s are a mark of many things in life…
You’ve lived 3 decades on the earth,
You’ve had 30 years of life learning’s,
You’ve had 360 months of growth,
About 10950 days of assorted times - good, bad & ugly
About 262800 hours of diverse physical, mental, emotional, social & financial experiences
About 15768000 minutes of knowing, being and understanding yourself…

And then you begin to wonder what you need to do in life – for today and tomorrow…

In this blog, I have listed the 12 vital things you need to do after you turn 30..
1) Exercise at least 4 days / week
You can practice in whatever form that you like, but about 40 minutes for each sitting will go a long way in keeping you healthy, energetic and happy – These are very critical in the journey of life.

2) Learn and practice yoga and pranayama
It is important to learn yoga and pranayama from the right source and be self-disciplined in practice. The benefits of regular practice of yoga and pranayama are long term and manifold - The most noteworthy benefits are usually an increased level of energy, a focused mind and a feeling of peace, balance and internal harmony.

3) Spend time with your parents - They will not be there forever
When you are in your 30’s and busy with your professional commitments and personal responsibilities, it is easy to postpone spending time with your parents. Do remember that they will not be there forever. So ensure that you spend quality and quantity time with your parents doing things that matter – to them and you.

4) Spend time with your children - They will not be the same forever
Anyone who has children will echo with the sentiment that children grow really fast. And as they grow, they probably want to explore experiment and experience life with or without you. So do ensure that you spend time with them during their childhood years. These are the formative and impressionable years in your child’s life & the moments you share will be cherished by both you and your children – tomorrow and several years from now.

5) Build and maintain a strong network of family and friends - both personal & professional
A strong network of friends and family goes a long way in leading a balanced and fulfilling life - Because you learn about people, with people and also for people. And as you learn, you think in new tangents, wear different hats & change your perspectives and evolve as an individual. Also, family and friends are the foundational support systems which will enable you to cross the many hurdles life throws at you.

6) Read & build your knowledge base - Knowledge is power
30’s is the best time to read and build your knowledge base – On topics and subjects of personal choice and interest. Up until them, you probably read because you had to – either at school, college or at work!

7) Pursue a yearly hobby
This is the best time to pursue a hobby annually. I usually advocate to pick up a single hobby for a year and to focus on it. Simply because one tends to have several other professional and personal responsibilities, so you would really not be able to do justice if you embark on too many hobbies. And then it can take you 1 - 2 months to understand how to make progress and get all that you need to get going, another 1 - 2 months to learn and the rest of the year to hone your skills and enjoy the hobby.

Also, by the time you are 40, you would actually have tried and learnt 10 new things. In addition to learning, a hobby also enables you to connect with people of similar interests and also helps build, nurture and strengthen new friendships and relationships.

8) Think about what legacy you want to leave in the world
This is the best time to think about what legacy you want to leave when your time is up - The reason being that the answer to this question will compel you to introspect on what you really want to do in life and what mark you want to leave in the world

9) Learn or do or try something exciting every month
Learn or Do or Try one thing new or something that excites you every month. It could be something you have never done / learnt in life, something you have always wanted to do / learn in life, something you have not done in a very long time.. For e.g: Sleeping through the day, Trying a new cuisine, Cooking a new dish, Learning a new art or dance form, Driving on a route that you have never travelled, Sleeping under the stars, Taking off on a working day to spend time with family and friends,etc. Whatever you choose – It should excite you, energize you, make you happy and lift your spirit.

10) Travel
Meet new people, experience different cultures, taste different cuisines, explore new paths and broaden your perspective. Of course, this can be within your budget and as appropriate with your lifestyle and schedule. But take the time and effort to travel

11) Plan your finances & Invest in a diversified portfolio
30’s are the golden years to plan your finances for life and to start investing in a disciplined fashion for the safety and security of your own future and that of your loved ones. Most importantly, start planning for your retirement

12) Do something for a good cause
Make an effort to set aside some time for a good cause. It can be for community service, social good or public welfare. And in any way that you believe you can make a difference. The important thing is to give and touch the life of someone less fortunate than you..

Above all, laugh and don't take life too seriously.

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  1. I would just add one more to this list - Party and believe you are young! All definitions of how one needs to be at a certain age are myths! Define your own character at this age.