Friday, March 30, 2012

The Magic in Saying "Go On. I am RIGHT HERE.."

Let me begin this post by narrating a personal story. A friend of mine just started driving her car. And though she had taken driving lessons several times in her life, had a valid driver's license, was certified by the driving school as a competent & cautious driver; and also understood the theory of car driving..
There was ONE BIG ISSUE - She still lacked confidence to drive through busy traffic-intesive zones in the area. 

So here's what she would do when she drove her car:
1) Plan to drive at times of the day when the traffic would be minimum - And she'd get into elaborate planning to achieve this! Even sometimes if it was impractical or inconvenient to her and others!
2) Take routes where she could avoid / minimize the peak traffic - Even if they were longer and hence took more time and fuel!
3) Take someone along with her in the car (who knew driving). And when she felt uncomfortable with driving through areas with heavy traffic, she'd stop the car and ask him / her to drive. And they'd usually oblige!

Basically what I call "Situational Avoidance" -
Probably because it was out of her comfort zone
Probably some inherent fear of what could happen - in case something went wrong!
Probably lack of confidence in her own driving skills, road sense and judgment on the road!

And then one day, she was driving in her car at a peak traffic time along with someone she knew. Just before she was about to hit a very busy junction, she requested him to take charge and drive the car.
Just when she was about to stop, he said "Go On! Drive through..I am right here.. If anything happens, we'll face it... "

What followed was that she did drive through one of the busiest junctions in the area amidst peak traffic!
A small personal triumph - Nevertheless, it did wonders to her self-confidence in her driving abilities..

As I mulled over this, I realized that what stood out from this whole episode was the fact that she heard the words "Go On!..I am right here.. If anything happens, we'll face it... " at the time when she needed to hear it the MOST! At a time when it really made a DIFFERENCE!

And I can tell you from personal experience that there is MAGIC in these words... I know I have been in situations where I probably took the MOST IMPORTANT STEP IN MY LIFE simply because someone said "Go On!..I am right here.. If anything happens, we'll face it... " ...

And in the journey of life, there will be one / many situations when all that is required is someone to say these MAGICAL words to you..
It does not matter who says it - Friends, Family, Colleague, Stranger, etc.
It does not matter the medium through which they say it - Phone, Mail, Face to Face, etc.

What matters is this
1) The conviction with which they say it
2) The time at which they say it
          Say it early and it does not have the REAL IMPACT!
          Say it late and the MOMENT is GONE!

So, the point is this..
Sometimes all we need to hear are the words "Go On. I am RIGHT HERE.."... And it can make a REAL DIFFERENCE in your life...

Pause and Reflect
When was the last time you REALLY SAID this to someone?
When was the last time someone said this to you? Did it make a difference?

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