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12 Most Promising Outcomes from the Regular Practice of Yoga

I attended my first yoga workshop when I was about 10 years old. At that time, I enrolled myself as I was curious and excited to learn something new!

However after the 1 month workshop, I decided that yoga was not for me, simply because yoga forced me to slow down and calmed me. I did not like this state and outcome. In retrospect, I probably had too much energy and needed something more active to keep me physically engaged.

However, over the past 10 years I have been re-introduced to yoga several times — through family (my parents and sister made yoga part of their lives), friends (most of my closest friends have also made yoga a part of their every day lives,) and most importantly, under the guidance of some very learned yoga practitioners/gurus (teachers) in India. Not to mention, there were also insights and comprehension that I have gained through my own personal research and experience.

In this post, I have listed the 12 personal benefits that I have realized through the regular practice of yoga. And the best part is that they span across all dimensions — physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

1. Your physical agility is improved
Yoga makes you physically agile — almost like a baby. The more regular you are in the practice of yoga; you will realize that your body becomes more flexible, agile and supple. And that’s a wonderful feeling!

2. You get a wonderful body tone
This was a surprising discovery as yoga tones your body in a way that exercise/gym work-out possibly does not. And this body tone is remarkably distinguishing. Of course, some people are naturally gifted here; but many people I know have a wonderful body tone only because they practice yoga.

3. You have a radiating glow on your skin
The glow on your skin is the most noticeable, simply because yoga improves your blood circulation and the flow of life energy in your body. And this is the most prominent and visible on your skin; there’s a special glow on your face. The only other time that I have seen people having this spectacular glow on their faces is when they are in love (can be in love with anyone including themselves or anything in the world) and/or truly happy (and yes! the reality is that love and happiness don’t always co-exist!)

4. You look younger than your age
I can personally vouch for this. When I practice yoga regularly for a month, people who know me say that I look younger than my age. I know of a family friend who has practiced yoga for close to 40 years and is in his 70’s today. He can pass of as being in his 40’s — and I mean it! If nothing else, this one reason should motivate you to practice yoga! Who does not want to look younger than their age.

5. You experience increased energy levels
If I practice yoga, my energy levels are definitely higher — and this outcome has been echoed by everyone I know who practices yoga. Increased energy level usually translates into better efficiency and effectiveness in all that you do as a part of my day-to-day life.

To be honest, I initially used to find it hard to find 30 minutes to practice yoga. But once I did, I realized that what used to originally take me say 5 hours to finish, would get done in 3 hours. And that’s a great way to gain some extra time to do things that you love or things that you really want to! So investing 30 minutes to gain 90 minutes seemed a good bargain of my time!

6. An unbelievable control on your mind
This is by far the BEST and most SIGNIFICANT outcome of the practice of yoga. Yoga calms the mind, and hence you have a better control of your mind — more specifically, your thoughts. And if you are able to control your thoughts, you are able to control your expressions, reactions and its many manifestations in your life. Most importantly, this bring unparalleled clarity in your own thoughts

7. You get “ME” time
Yoga provides a golden opportunity to get ME time. A few minutes in the day just for yourself, with yourself and by yourself!

8. You have better control on your emotions
When you start practicing yoga, you have a “unique sense” of internal calm, peace and harmony. As a result, you are in better control of the emotions you feel and what you express.

9. Your personal relationships transform
I intentionally use the word transform here, because when you start practicing yoga, you become more mindful of what you think, what you say and what you do as a part of your day to day interactions and relationships. And when you are aware, you tend to pause before you speak or act. That in itself has the potential to change your own outlook to every relationship and over a period of time, even others will view you in a new light.

10. There’s phenomenal focus in your life
Yoga brings phenomenal focus in everything that you do — there’s better precision, better prioritization and better perspective for everything in life.

11. You’re decision-making abilities improve phenomenally
How can decision-making not be easy if you are in control of your thoughts and emotions?

12. You are more “connected” to your spirit and soul
This one is tough to explain and comprehend — best left to be experienced!

Ending Words of Wisdom:
• It’s important to learn yoga from the right guru/teacher before you start practicing it
• It’s important to relearn yoga at periodic intervals — to make sure that you are doing it right and to upgrade yourself
• It’s important to make yoga a part of your everyday life

What benefits have you observed in those who practice yoga? What benefits have you personally experienced? Leave a comment and let me know

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  1. What a wonderful read! Really enjoyed it. I have been practicing yoga and meditation myself. It has certainly made me more agile and improved my concentration. Besides, it keeps my energy levels up while leaving me calmer at the same time. It's amazing. I try to do it early morning every day and I have found it to be an excellent way to start my day :)