Monday, April 9, 2012

33 FREE Blog Titles for YOU!!!

One of the biggest challenge for many bloggers is to come up with BLOG topics / ideas that they can write about. Since I'm always overflowing with ideas on topics for blog posts, I decided to publish one giving away 33 FREE Blog Titles which I believe anyone can easily write about...(as an act of GOOD Karma)

The best part about each of these is that it is personal to you, and hence the content is based on your personal experience - so hopefully each of them will be unique as I believe no TWO life experiences can really ever be the SAME! Combine your unique life experience with your personal literary style - And you'll come up with some original and interesting posts:
1) The BEST memories from my CHILDHOOD
2) What I loved about my CHILDHOOD?
3)  The Lessons my FATHER taught me
4)  The Lessons I learnt from my MOTHER
5) What my FAVORITE School Teacher taught me and How it made a difference in my LIFE?
6) What I LOVED about my school?
7) What I liked / disliked about the education system I was a part of?
8) The Most INSPIRATIONAL person of my life
9) My BIGGEST TRIUMPH in life and what I learnt from it?
10)  What the BIGGEST FAILURE of my LIFE taught me?
11) Why I like / dislike reading?
12) The BEST Books I read and would recommend you to read
13) The Most Unique HOBBIES I have seen in people
14) What I LEARNT from my experiences in COLLEGE?
15) My MOST Favorite Movie and WHY?
16) Why I like / dislike watching TV?
17) Why I like / dislike cricket / footballl / shopping?
18) The 3 Qualities I truly admire in an individual
19) The most EXOTIC dream / fantasy that I have had / read / heard
20) The BEST Day of my LIFE
21) The BEST Quotes I have come across
22) The BEST Blogs I have read in the Blogosphere
23) The 3 Life Experiences I think everyone should have
24) The Words that TRANSFORMED ME (Based on an experience in which the WORDS made all the difference)
25) What I miss the most about being a CHILD?
26) 10 Things I would LOVE to do today... If I had NO constraints or commitments
27) What my CLOSEST Friends have taught me and why?
28) The Lessons of LIFE I want to share with the WORLD
29) Why I like / dislike travelling?
30) What I like / dislike about the online / virtual world?
31) Why I like / dislike FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google?
32) The BEST meal I have ever HAD in my LIFE
33) The 10 Things I would BUY if I had all the MONEY in the WORLD

Which one did you like the best? Or do you want to add to the list?
Leave a comment to let me know..

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  1. hey your topics are great but they are mainly for bloggers who are writing a diary..why would i share my childhood experiences and why would people want to read it? Unless i was a celebrity..can you suggest some topics that would interest a broader audience?