Tuesday, May 22, 2012

7 Day to Day Things I'd rather NOT do with a MAN!!!

Over the years, I have come to acknowledge, appreciate and respect that there are DIFFERENCES between a man and a woman. In terms of strengths, weaknesses, perspectives, priorities, thoughts… and the very DNA!

And I may never be able to fully appreciate the Man’s Point of View – though I may vaguely understand it or be familiar with general patterns and trends… And along the way, I’ve realized that there are a few day-to-day activities that I’d RATHER NOT do with a MAN..

1.Vegetable Shopping
I don't know what it is with men and vegetable shopping that just don't gel. Whatever! So it's better to buy vegetables alone! Else, you'll need to find an incredibly creative way to get rid of the excess / useless produce in your house... Phew!

2.Shopping in a Sale
Shopping is really an experience for women! Its not a simple 3 step process - See, Select and Pay (as a man would describe it). And shopping in a sale is really a different experience - be it groceries for your house or an antique! And shopping needs time (and of course money).. Something which men seem to have very little of (But yeah! Time's never an issue to watch a cricket match or a tennis match or a football match - Bah!)

3.Cleaning the House
I think the basic difference is that a women's definition of a clean house is so DIFFERENT from a man's. Now if you don't even agree on the basics, how can you proceed?

I'm yet to come across any woman who was REALLY HAPPY cooking with a man! And by cooking, I mean from chopping till serving a dish on the table! Let's face it - There are differences in the way things are done... So it's probably better to do it by yourself than together!

5. Planning the travel route while driving
Again, most men I know start with an assumption that women have bad road sense, so basically whatever you say falls on deaf ears! Might as well let them figure out the route and drive you around! Or you plan the route in your mind and don't speak about it!

6. Discuss Women
Again, the truth is men and women notice and highlight different things. So it's better to probably not discuss women! - unless you have a compelling reason to do so!

7. Ask about the Daily Menu
The usual conversation goes as below:
She: What shall I cook?
He: Anything's fine..
She cooks and serves
He: Oh! This is so boring.. I wish you'd made something else
She: Yeah sure.. If only you'd said when I asked... Bah!
It's better not to ask and just cook as you like as anyways he's going to pass some comment!

This is my list. What is your's? Leave a comment to let me know...

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  1. they are just a different breed altogether.