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What it means to be a MOTHER?

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, I asked all the Mother’s I personally know “What it means to be a MOTHER?”. And I received beautiful answers. Every single response touched my heart – because it came from the heart of a mother – was true, honest and full of LOVE.

In this post, I have compiled all the wonderful thoughts from all wonderful mothers.

They’re all in different shapes and sizes
And of many different ages!
They’re from different backgrounds
And even different ethicities
They’ve all made different choices in life…
And are living today in different parts of the globe
And yet there’s one common thread…..
They’re all MOTHERS!
And they LOVE their CHILDREN unconditionally!!

Aruna – Mother of Siddharth and Anishka (Mother for 5 years)
Over the last five years as a mother, I have felt many emotions that never existed before…Unconditional love for my babies, Pride in their little accomplishments, pain and worry when they were hurt and happiness like I never had before. I guess my babies are the center of my universe and to me that’s what being a mother is all about. I only wish I could be half as good a mom as my own mother was to me

Asha – Mother of Abhinav (Mother for 25 years)
The joy, ecstasy,emotions & beautiful feelings of being a mother can only be felt - Words don't do complete justice. My son completes my womanhood. With him, I have relived my life again. He is my strongest strength and biggest weakness too.Besides a good human being and my best friend,I always pray and wish that he has good health, grand success in career, utmost joy, happiness and satisfaction,wealth and a beautifully personal life

Charu – Mother of Atharv (Mother for 3+ months)
Being a mother to me means a sense of fulfillment and content as a woman. The feelings I have towards Atharv can’t be put into words.. It’s unexplainable....It’s a mix of joy, pride, happiness and lots and lots of love

Gayathri - Mother of Vishnu (Mother for ~2 years)
With Vishnu, Colors seem brighter, the air more fragrant, the Sun more bright...

He is my micrale, my power, my bliss, my universe, my perpertual high, my source of supreme happiness

Girija – Mother of Gaurav and Kiran (Mother for 20+ years)
Being a mother is the best thing that has happened in my life. My children are my life and treasure and am thankful to God for handing them to me.

Indu – Mother of Sarika and Saurabh (Mother for 38+ years)
Mother is the sweetest word on this earth. Not only on this earth, but in the heaven too; as it has rightly been said- "Yatra naaryastu poojyante, Ramante tatra devtaa."
And God has chosen women to be mothers. Mother is God’s substitute on this earth. She nourishes her child with her own blood in the womb and suckles it when it is born. She tends to her child as lovingly as a gardener tends to his precious plants. She creates, nurtures and protects with an unmatched patience. Had Mother- the Janani- not been there, this world would have come to an end. Who would have given birth? It is Mother who goes through the tormenting pain while giving birth and yet has a smile. She looks at her creation affectionately and forgets all her pain. She forgets herself, her own world. And now, her world revolves around her child.
Mother is the first teacher of the child. She holds her child’s tender hand and guides him to the path of life. She teaches her child the difference between the good and the bad. She teaches him to respect others, care for others and become a good human being. She gives him the morals and values that pave his path for life; that shape his character and give the right shade to his integrity. She sings him lullabies, tells him stories and understands his emotions and needs even before he speaks. None but Mother can have such an understanding.
If the child falls sick, she forgets her own sleep. If the child is hurt, she herself feels the pain. Mother is the bank where we deposit all our hurts and worries. Nobody understands a child’s world better than Mother.
And today, a mother’s role is even tougher and demanding, as many are balancing a career and a family. Mother’s job never finishes. People working in the offices have weekly offs and fixed working hours, but a mother is constantly on duty- 24X7. Her role stretches beyond any definition. Her care is unmatched. Her love is unconditional. Her dedication cannot be expressed in words. Her sacrifices are invaluable. It is rightly said by someone that God could not be present everywhere, so He created Mother

Jamie - Mother of Meghan (Mother for 8 years)
I used to think that being a mom was about teaching and guiding my child to be the best person she can be. Now I know better. The true gift of motherhood is the chance to learn from my daughter how to be the best person I can be. 

Jyothi – Mother of Sharonya and Nithya (Mother for 10+ years)
Being a Mom to me is letting your children know that you will always be there for them. Accepting them the way they are and getting them to be the best they can be.

Kaveri - Mother of Kaia (Mother for 1 year)
Being a first time mother - I had never realised how hard it was going to be to play multiple roles in my little girl's life.. to be her caregiver, nurturer, teacher..all rolled into one felt very challenging during the initial days and I felt completely underprepared. But as the months rolled by and we bonded over first smile, first tooth, first clap, sleepless nights, strolls in the park, diaper changing battles and numerous rhymes and lullabies, and today when I look back  over the last year..all I see are the rainbows and butterflies..this has by far been the best year of my life!!.

Moneesha - Mother of baby Simar and Sameer (Mother for 3+ years)
Being a 'Mom' makes you realize that your 'must carry' lipstick has to be now replaced by a 'must carry' diaper ! ;) But then, it also gives you those blissful 'time of your life ' moments making you most vulnerable! It's like, you're accepting to have your heart go walking around outside your body forever!

Miyong – Mother of Yousu and Garam (Mother for 11 years)
To become a mother is the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world.

Namita – Mother of Prarthak (Mother for 6+ years)
Motherhood is a beautiful gift bestowed by god to every women.
It is a great journey which gives an opportunity to relive our childhood and enable one's child to grow up in every aspect of life.
It also makes one apppreciates the efforts our own parents spent in bringing us up.
Wish good luck to all the mothers and kudos to them for playing a balancing act in juggling their careers and giving the best to their child at the same time.

Neeru – Mother of Siddharth and Supritha (Mother for 35+ years)

The joys of motherhood are the principal source of happiness. For a mother, the hapiest days are when children "come home". Coming home may mean children returning from school or job, sometimes bringing their own children with them - It may mean coming to "grandma".
A mother carries in her heart the scene's of her children's childhood. She builds a home where the troubles and anxieties are forgotten. She makes every effort to spoil her children. The good smells from the kitchen tell of a mother's deep affection.
At the end only two things really matter to a mother - regardless of who she is, and they are the affection and understanding of her children.
The mechanisms of living change, the world changes, but the joy and bliss of being a mother - this abides!
Happy Mother's Day!

Nicole – Mother of Amari and Baby Jaye (Mother for 8 years)
Being a mother is a gift from the Most High! It has been the best experience in my life! Love both my children with all I have in me!

Nischala – Mother of Naisha (Mother for 1.5+ years)
Being a mother is a wonderful journey of awareness, discovery, learning (you learn, unlearn and re-learn), change, growth and completion. It is undoubtedly one of the best life experience – One in which you experience and comprehend what TRUE LOVE is about. It is also probably a truly transformational life experience because it compels you to think, question and answer yourself honestly, tests you, pushes you, makes your values & priorities clear to you and motivates you to be a better person.

Parul – Mother of Ayaan (Mother for 1+ year)
Motherhood has been a complete blessing for me for a long list of reasons :). To talk about a meaningful change I think the will to only give the best to your baby drives you to be the best too.

In all the goodness that motherhood bestows on you I have seen a definite desire in me to excel in everything that I do (both in my personal and professional life) and be the epitome of goodness and perfection that my baby, Ayaan could eventually mirror. I think I don’t only influence his life but am also responsible for shaping his personality and his life hence it has to start with me

Prajakta - Mother of Ishaan (Mother for 5+ years)
Every evening when I pick him up from the child care center, there is a priceless moment waiting for me as my son's face lights when I enter the door. His gaze is fixed on the door. I wouldn't trade that moment for anything!

Pratima - Mother of Thorin and Sonia (Mother for 3+ years)
Being a Mom is about feeling every emotion that can be felt and finding the best ways to give life experiences and not just try to keep the kids alive even if it feels like this is all I am doing.  I mean this in the most sincere way.  It's so important that I help my kids make memories even if it's just having dinner with Mom and Dad or asking "How was your day?" on the car ride home. They'll know that I am here for them

Ratna - Mother of Janani (Mother for 29 years)
Mother means unconditional love

Sarada - Mother of Shoba, Pratima, Nagesh and Panisri (Mother for 40+ years)
Being a mother of 4 kids is a lot of hard work!

Sarika – Mother of Srishti and Shashwat (Mother for 13 years)

The god's best creation is a woman and I am glad to be one because I became a medium to bring two little lives on earth. They are the only ones who make me feel very important on the earth.The kind of support and trust which I got from my children is amazing . The unconditional love I got from them makes me feel as if I'm always on cloud nine. Their small - small , little - little activities and gestures make me happy cheerful and tension free. Now, after 13 yrs they both have become my bestest friends.Being a mom is like winning the greatest award

Sathya - Mother of  Mattie(Mother for 3+ years)
Doing all the silly things you would do only with your little one to make him and yourself smile

Shipra – Mother of Arna (Mother for 1.5+ years)
Never before has life been more busy
There never seems to be enough time!
Never before have I felt so fragile, so helpless, so out of control
Nothing else seems to matter anymore
Never before have I smiled and laughed so often
Never before have I loved so so so much

Shoba – Mother of Alekhya and Anushka (Mother for 10+ years)
Being a mother is giving all you got to your kids including a bad cold and cough

Shruthi- Mother of Gargi (Mother for 2+ years)
Mother – The BEST Doctor and the BEST Medicine!

Smitha – Mother of Medha (Mother for 3+ years)
I'd rather share with her than sacrifice for her; it's more fun and unexpectedly, more beautiful too

Sowmya – Mother of Baby Ahana (Mother for 3+ years)
The dark circles and sleepless nights turn into pleasure when you see those twinkling eyes and naughty smile -Priceless and most amazing experience.....

Sowmya- Mother of Hrishikesh and Pradyumna (Mother for 6+ years)
It took me 25 years to realize why we chant “Mathra Devo Bhava"
When my first child first came into my arms!
It took me so many years to appreciate that love –so unconditional…
A MOTHER is a priceless possession and can best be felt as a mother …
Every day, Every moment…

Sriranjani – Mother of Ujjwala and Nischala (Mother for 35+ years)
Being a mother is a wonderful feeling and one the best experiences of life – There is no parallel substitute. It is the one life relationship in which you love unconditionally and give selflessly out of choice. I think a mother is really a shadow of God in the life of her children - because she’s always there for her children – in whatever way is humanly possible and feasible. And with absolutely no expectations in return. Being a mother enables you to experience the TRUE meaning of several human emotions – happiness, joy, sadness, pride, satisfaction and completeness..

Suparna – Mother of Shivanjali and Gautam (Mother for 4+ years)
The beauty of a mother and her child's bond is that it begins much before the birth of her little one. The mother's role is the most challenging, satisfying and rewarding of all roles one could ask for. There need not be any particular day to make a mother feel special, she knows and feels special everyday with the bond she shares with her little ones.

  Swathi – Mother of Shaurya (Mother for 1.5+ years)
Being a mother is something that cannot be explained in words...especially when...
• first time you hear baby's crying voice
• first time you hold him in your arms
• baby cuddles close to your heart and feels amazingly secure
• he calls you mamma for the first time
• we see his day to day changing and growing activities
• ...and so much more
I love the phase of bringing up the child...and I am glad that this is life long :-)

Tara – Mother of Ria and Nihal (Mother for 5+ years)
Having gone through a time when I was told that I might find it difficult to conceive (due to certain
medical conditions), personally for me, having Ria and Nihal in my life has been an incredible privilege and a blessing

Ujjwala – Mother of Dhruv and Drithi (Mother for 2.5+ years)
Motherhood for me is a roller coaster ride – there are ups and downs, it’s exhilarating but scary, there is laughter and tears and I never want to get off it!! Becoming a mother of twins increased my faith in miracles and it has truly completed me. I now understand my mother’s emotions and hopes for me so much better. I will do anything to see the beautiful smile on Dhruv and Dhriti’s faces…motherhood is the biggest blessing I have received and I am forever grateful for it.

Yasmin – Mother of Saad and Umayr (Mother for 5+ years)
Being a mother is like a roller coaster ride, it has it's ups and downs, but it's very exciting and a whole lot of fun!

This post is dedicated to all MOTHERS
Happy Mother’s Day!

Special Thanks to all the mothers who shared their personal feelings for this blog. Personally, it’s been one of the posts  which I really enjoyed working on - from conceptualization to follow-ups to edits till the time I published it..


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  2. Beautiful post dedicated to all mothers!

    I loved the little write-ups you wrote about all the mothers, which is wonderful indeed!

    I think mothers will always remain very special in our lives, whether they are in our lives presently or not. I guess their unconditional love and all that they do for us can be compared to nothing - they are truly priceless.

    Thanks for sharing :)

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