Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Many Benefits of Home Cooked Meals

Over the years, I have come to believe that there are many many many BENEFITS of Home cooked meals. Of course, you have to cook them within the confines of your kitchen and at home - which takes time, effort and can be BORING many times... But when you weigh the many benefits of Home Cooked Meals, they will probably outweigh any reasons you may have to believe otherwise

1) It works out CHEAPER
Of course! Based on my personal experience, even the most EXOTIC meal you cook up at home will be on an average 50% cheaper than eating out! So if you want to save money, this is the best and fastest way! Cut down on eating out!

2) You are in COMPLETE CONTROL the quality and quantity of the ingredients
Absolutely! Since you cook, you know what and how much you are putting into each dish and meal. And what goes in come out! So if you cook with quality (healthy) ingredients, you get a quality output!

3) You appreciate the process of COOKING
Something which I did not value for a long time in life.. But once you start cooking regularly, you understand and appreciate the process of cooking.. And over a period of time you begin to enjoy, innovate, become more efficient and also attain mastery in one / many aspects of cooking! Not to mention that cooking can be a great de-stressor and also gives you that golden "ME Time" on a daily basis :)

4) You VALUE all the Home Cooked Meals your PARENTS made for YOU
Ever grumbled / cribbed to your parents for them insisting that you eat at home? Am sure you did! And only when you become regular with home cooked meals yourself, do you realize and appreciate all the effort your parents put into it! It's not easy to deal with daily grumbles, demands, requests and tantrums after you've cooked a meal! And then what you do? Just listen to it and insist that they finish their meal :) (Did your mom do that always.. I bet she did!)

In the long term, you are healthier, fitter and happier..

What's your reason for recommending a home cooked meal? Leave a comment to let me know...

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