Friday, June 8, 2012

TV Serial Musings | Junior MasterChef Australia

Name of Serial: Junior MasterChef Australia
Aired On : Star World

One of my favorite TV programs in the recent past as been Junior MasterChef Austtralia... Was mulling over why I really like the show...
* Its amazing and impressive to see kids between 8 - 12 years cook exceptionally - Its not just about cooking.. But handling a range of cooking ingredients, chopping beautifully, creativity in conceptualization of the menus, their culinary prowess, presence of mind in the kitchen and presentation of the final dish with stand out
* The confidence of the kids is an absolutely treat to watch - Especially in the kitchen and in the way the conduct themselves throughout the show
* Communication skills are so impressive - Clear and Concise .. I think you can always learn a lesson or two from watching the show
* Most kids are so controlled and mature about their emotions and expressions- A failure / setback / defeat is taken in the right spirit (and very few tears or emotional drama on screen) and so also with a victory / success / achievement - There is happines and joy, but rarely did any one go over board!
* The participation of twins (Isabella and Sofia) is testimonial that probably you do inherit the "cooking gene" if it runs in your family - They are both exceptional in the kitchen
* My personal favorites on the show are Sam, Sofia, Isabella, Lucy - Love their personal style and culinary skills