Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What is RESPECT?

I was watching a program by Sister Shivani from Bramhakumaris in which she beautifully explained what RESPECT is.. Here’s what she said:

Respect really means:
• No judgment
• No blame
• No criticism
• No control

I’ve never really thought about what RESPECT means.. I mean I use it and people around me also use it.. But I don’t know if enough introspection is done on the meaning of this 7 letter powerful word…

The most common usages of the word respect I’ve heard are below:
• I want to be respected by …
• I have self-respect and hence….
• I don’t want anything other than respect
• Learn to respect your parents and elders …
• You have to earn respect, You can’t demand it

As I mulled over this, I realized that what Sister Shivani says is actually so profound.

Respect for others really translates to
• Not judging others – for everything they say, do and their choices
• Not criticizing others – for their actions and decisions
• Not blaming others – especially for how they impact your lives
• Not controlling others – and trying to make them change in line with your expectations

Self-respect really means
• Not judging yourself
• Not criticizing yourself
• Not blaming yourself

Pause and Think..
Do you respect yourself?
Do you respect the most important people in your life?
If not, maybe it’s time to start..


  1. ur best post..very well written. I guess respect is very imp. A lot of people try controling and moulding the other person to suit what they think is good. you cant kill the individuality is what they need to learn.

  2. why are your blogs so infrequent..I chk regularly and barely see an update.

  3. Respect/Love/Admiration all of it probably somewhere mean and imply the same things! Basically the principle in ones life should be not judge/blame/criticize etc. However, I dont agree that it can apply to all people. Maybe if there is something about someone we truly criticize - truth is that we probably do not respect them! And though we can strive to respect one and all, I cannot respect all!

    Good to see you write after long.Glad you opened up your comments tab finally.