Friday, June 15, 2012

What's the cause for all PROBLEMS?

If there's one thing I observe all around me.. .It is PROBLEMS
Problems of all kinds
Problems of varied severities
Problems of different magnitudes
Problems with very diverse impact

And I can't help but wonder WHY are there so many PROBLEM?
After some thinking, I figured that the underlying cause for all PROBLEMS is really EXPECTATIONS....

You expect someone to say something.. They don't
You don't expect someone to say something.. They do

You expect someone to do something.. They don't
You don't expect someone to do something.. They do

You expect to see something.. You don't
You don't expect to see something.. You do

You expect something from yourself.. It doesn't happen
You don't expect something from yourself.. But it does happen

You expect something to happen.. It does not
You don't expect something to happen.. It does

And when things don't go in line with your expectations... You are bound to be unhappy, upset, angry, irritated.... And this triggers a chain of negative thoughts, emotions and actions from your end

And the thing about negativity is that Negativity breeds Negativity – certainly, rapidly and quickly! And before you realize, negativity has engulfed your life.. Not a pleasant situation to be in!

So if you can figure out a way to set realistic expectations of yourself and others; and a way to effectively communicate these expectations, your life will be a lot simple, stress-free and positive! And a lot of the micro and macro problems of the world can be effectively eliminated or controlled...

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  1. u cudnt have captured it any well said..
    Am curious..u write so well n r so sorted in ur ideas...are you happy? or like the general junta u too have ur moments of anger, of expectations not met, etc etc