Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why WOMEN should WORK?

In my life, I've known of
Women who've never worked their entire life
Women who've worked their entire life
Women who've worked some time in their life

And based on my observations and discussions with women of different ages, from different professions, from different ethnicities, from different walks of life and from different parts of the world, I've concluded that there are some IMPORTANT reasons why WOMEN should WORK...

In this blog, I have listed the key reasons...
1) You learn - Obviously, you learn about your work. But most importantly, by virtue of your day-to-day routine and interactions, you learn about life - From travelling to work, to interacting with people, to building and nurturing relationships, to time management, to effective communication, to personal financial management....

2) You have financial independance - In addition to your financial earnings, there is a huge impact on your own self-confidence and self-worth

3) You gain exposure - Working women have better exposure to the real world, to working life and life in general. And this exposure enables you to be aware and appreciate diverse points of view. The one observation that I've made here is that for women who don't work, your life tends to be pretty unidimensional and your day-to-day experiences and exposure tend to be somewhat similar. Unless you make a conscious effort to create opportunities for yourself for different kinds of exposures and experiences, you will probably not really get them..

And most importantly, working enriches your own life.... You learn.. You grow.. You evolve..


  1. I cannot agree more and right now just thinking abt how I'll be able to continue work. Having my second baby and it could be fairly challenging with 2 small but oh ya imp to work

  2. i agree with you nischalaji!well said...self respect increases and you see life with apassion..we are self dependant...family members and society as a whole repect us.