Friday, July 20, 2012

Book Ponderings | Living with the Himalayan Masters

Book Name: Living with the Himalayan Masters
Author : Swami Rama

Looking back, I started reading this book in 2010 and fortunately finished reading it in 2012. Its probably one book which I read a little too slowly for very many reasons...

Book Ponderings below:
* A great read. Most importantly, it has been a great learning for me and the book will help you find answers to some very basic and profound questions about Himalayas, its spiritual richness and about life itself!
* Swami Rama has written this based on his personal experiences, growth and journey in the Himalayas. He has described his experiences in amazing detail and has written honestly and beautifully!
* The book describes beautifully life in the Himalayas, the history and the rich heritage that these mountains have to offer and how several people from all over the world made Himalayas their home
* Key take-aways:
    + There are many things in life which can only be experienced.. And you can learn only from experience.. So being aware of your own experiences, being open to new experiences and reflecting on life experiences is important for everyone
    + Attachment is the cause for many miseries in life.. True freedom comes from detachment .. Detachment to the outcome of your thoughts, words and actions
    + The ultimate human power is the power to have complete control on your mind .. your thoughts. And if you are able to achieve this state every minute of life... Life takes on a whole new meaning
    + The guidance of the right teacher / guru is vital - especially at some phases and stages of life
    + In life, it is important to be clear of your destination. And really the ultimate destination for everyone is really the same - i.e. Self Realization.. And many roads can lead up to this destination... But it is important to be focused on your ultimate destination. And more importantly to be aware of your journey - else you will never learn and understand many things even though you may ultimately reach the destination...
    + The ultimate question that you need to answer in life is "Who am I?" - Once you understand this, you will feel truly liberated
* Swami Rama has set up the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, Pennsylvania to focus on yoga, meditation, spirituality and holistic health @

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