Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sending your child to a school for the FIRST TIME..

Sending your child to school for the FIRST TIME can be an unforgettable experience for most mothers..

Simply because....
* You don't know how your child will react and respond to a schoool environment
* You don't know how well your child will be taken care of - Of course, many parents believe that no one will probably care for your child like you or your family does! - And that's probably true!
* You don't really want your child to cry...

I guess there are just too many Don't knows..
And that's the thing about Don't knows..
There's an element of UNCERTAINITY
And with uncertainity.. comes some fear, some doubt, some concern, some anxiety...
But also with uncertainity... comes some new experiences, new revelations, new learnings, new discoveries, new attachments...

So as you can see... It all depends on your perspective and view ...

I recently had an opportunity to visit a Child Care school with kids of age groups 1.5 years to 5 years... And I spent a few hours here..

Some observations below..
Dropping off children at the day care
There were all kinds of children
Children who ran in with joy and were so happy to be there
Children who cried and were so unhappy to be there
Children who were silent and it appeared as it really made no difference to them
And all those children in between

In most cases, the parents were in a rush - Running late to work or for other commitments
But they all stopped a minute to say Bye and Hug and Kiss the kids Good Bye
And that moment was simply wonderful

And then as the activities in the day care began..
Again there were all kinds of children and all kinds of responses
Children who actively participated and played in all the activities
Children who continued to cry
Children who were just by themselves and did not actively participate in the happenings around them
And all those children in between

And then at the end when it was time to go home...
There was one thing that was common
The joy happiness and glee on the face of the parents and children
When they met each other after a hiatus of a few hours!
Almost as if they'd not seen other for ages
And that one moment is simply PRICELESS for any PARENT and CHILD!

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