Friday, August 31, 2012

Social Good - - Provide "clean water" to 1 billion people in the world

Why WATER is important? - Some HARD FACTS
* 1 billion people lack access to clean water
* 200 million hours per day spent by women to search for any type of water
* 3.6 million people dies last year due to lack of  clean water
* 443 million school days lost each year due to kids searching for any type of water
* A child dies every 20 seconds due to lack of clean water
* 1/2 of world's hospital beds are filled with people suffering from water related diseases
* 1 in 8 people lack access to clean water

iThirst Solution
1) iThirst believes that the key to changing the world is to invest in renewable and sustainable resources that give the poorest of the poor a chance to improve their own lives. Renewable and sustainable resources include food, a roof, basic medical care, and an education. But it all starts with providing access to clean water. Therefore, clean water will be our primary focus.
2) iThirst believes our hope for changing the world must include the involvement of our youth and young adults. If our youth can begin to turn their backs on the superficialities and temptations that dominate our culture and instead, lead by example by showing the rest of us how to love our neighbors in need, then the rest of us will follow their lead and the world can truly be changed
3) iThirst believes that we can have an immediate impact by partnering with established organizations already on the ground. There are countless organizations already in place that are committed to bringing an end to the thirst for clean water. These organizations have the desire, the ability, and the brain power to change the world. What they lack is enough human and financial capital to make a substantial dent in the problem. iThirst intends to be a significant resource in providing this capital
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