Friday, August 10, 2012

That special something about your MOM's HOME

There's something just so special about your MOM's HOME
The value of which you realize only when you're away from HOME
And the full comprehension of which you probably get only when you become a MOM!

As children, we always take home for granted.. Its where you are safe, comfortable, happy, secure, taken care of, can express yourself freely, do what you want and also get away with it ;)

And then as you move away from home into college or work, mom's home is really the treasure house for your past memories (good, bad and ugly) and the store house of all your junk - which no one in the world will probably ever appreciate - But MOM will always make place for it (and its amazing how mom's manage to do this), treasure it for you and even find it when you need it :)

And then as you get in the next phase of your life when you get married, mom's house is the place where you get to re-live your memories from the past - Rather its the place where you can get a slice of your past life... The cries, laughs, kisses, hugs, sorrows, triumphs, successes, trials, books, clothes, achievements, failures, learnings, certificates, photos, videos, friends, schools, childhood.....

Moving ahead, when you have children, the meaning of your mom's house takes a whole new meaning... Its where you feel your children are safe, secure and in good hands.. Its where you feel at ease and at peace.. Its where you don't care or worry about every day mundane things [Mom will take care :)].. Its where you can just be yourself... And the point is at this phase of life, most people don't really care about how beautiful the house is, how well laid the dinner table is, how elegant the crockery is, how well maintained the cupboards are, how well dressed anyone is.. I think what matters is that you get to spend time with your parents.. you get to eat home cooked meals made by mom (And there will always be something special about Mom's cooking).. you get to just hang around.. live and experience the present moment with people you love and who matter the most in your life...

I can't help but wonder
Why do most of us say its my MOM's home and not my Dad's home?
Why do most of us feel that the BEST place on EARTH to connect with yourself is you MOM's home?
Why do most of us think of heading to MOM's home when things are amiss in your life?
Why do most of us find all that we ever really want / need / desire hidden somewhere in MOM's home?
Why does time stand still when you've planned a trip to your MOM's house? - It's like time ticks by slowly when you're going to mom's house
Why does time move so fast when you're visiting at your MOM's house?

I think simply because - No matter what your age - Your mom's home will always be the place where you are safe, comfortable, happy, secure and taken care of.. And I think after an age, it has less to do with your physical needs.. But more to do with your peace of mind and emotional well-being & happiness..

And yes! I do believe that there will always be something SPECIAL about your MOM's HOME
And with years, I wonder if it has to do as much with the HOME as with your MOM and DAD
Because only as you grow in the journey of life do you realize the value of your parent
And that's one special deep emotional bond ...
which defines you..
which anchors you..
which completes you

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  1. Very nice and so true. i am lucky that way that after every few years, i come back to live in Mom's home. And you are right, its special and different. Though now that you bring it up, i believe i always used to say my "parents" home!!