Friday, September 14, 2012

Should you read only ONE book at a time?

I picked up reading as a hobby rather late in life – In my 20’s to be precise (I call it late because most serious readers I know started reading when they are less than 10 years old). But over the past few years, I made up for the lost time – Basically by reading anything and everything of interest to me at every single opportunity I got.

Looking back – When I started reading, I used to read only ONE book at a time. And when I was done, I’d move on to the next one.. But today, my reading habits have changed significantly. At any given point of time, I will be actively reading at least 3 books (if not more).

So why and how did this change come about?

Hmm.. Well Looking back, I think there were a few key drivers:

One, it started with me becoming more aware of my own reading habits and every day routine based on my own lifestyle and why reading was important to me.

Two, I usually have more than one topic of interest at any point in time. And somehow can’t seem to wait for too long to dig into any of these!

Three and most importantly, I go through different phases and moods everyday where I look at reading for different reasons. For e.g.: In the early morning, I like to read anything which inspires me , excites me and gives me positive energy to go through the day. During mid-morning, I like to read something “heavy-duty” as my concentration levels are probably the best. During afternoon, I like to read something light and easy which makes me laugh or just feel good. And late evening, I like to read something which makes me dream or sometime just create a “happy make-believe world in which every possibility is a reality”! So reading has different meaning to me at different times of the day and hence I usually like to read at least 3 books actively at different times of the day! Each of these reading sessions usually are between 15 to 30 minutes. But they make a HUGE difference in what I learn, in what I think, in what I feel and also in what I do!

You may ask “Don’t you get confused with reading so many books at a time?”… Well, honestly NO! It is actually fun because if you pay attention to your reading and think through, you can many times co-relate completely unrelated things , get answers for problems and in my case, also get ideas for my blogs :)

Well that’s my view. And I’ll enjoy this phase as long as it lasts…

What about you? Are you a ONE book reader or MANY book reader? Leave a comment to let me know


  1. Really interested in knowing few examples of your late at evening books and early morning books ...pls respond.