Friday, September 28, 2012

To Leo Babauta

One of my personal favorite blogs is of Leo Babautu's Zen Habits @

I don’t usually dedicate posts to blogs / people on my blog because honestly I don’t find too many people whom I TRULY ADMIRE in today’s day and age for the way they think and conduct their lives. And Leo's blogs stand out. I've learnt so much from his blogs (both in terms of blogging and writing; and of course about life) that I felt I should dedicate a post to Leo on my blog! More about Leo @ and his story @

Hmmm.. Why do I admire Leo? Well...
* The way he thinks – so real, mature, logical and practical
* The willingness to share his thoughts, experiences and more importantly the lessons from his personal life and experience
* The way he writes – Simple, Clear, Precise, Easy to Read and not to mention that there is a powerful take-away in every single post of his
* The way he conducts himself and hence is a living example of what he preaches
* His copyright policy is truly unique - Refer @

His journey has been inspirational in more than one ways for me.. And I always look forward to reading his blogs. No matter how busy I am, I do stop by his blog regularly.. And I am NEVER disappointed! I either learn something, feel inspired or go back wiser!

So here’s to Leo and hope the good work continues. And if you’re not following Leo’s blog – I strongly recommend it.. If you're new to his blog suggest you start @


  1. Thank you, Nischala. That means a lot.

    1. Leo - You truly inspire so many people across the globe. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Appreciate it! - nischala

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