Monday, October 29, 2012

The Difference a Sibling can Make...

Brothers Sisters
Elder Younger
Own Extended.
Siblings Siblings Siblings..
You probably don't realize the importance of them till you see people around you who don't have them...

As I mulled over my own life to ponder over what difference my sister made in my life, I realized that having a sibling can make an OCEAN of DIFFERENCE in your life..

In this blog, I am listing the key aspects along which a sibling can really make a difference:
* Siblings teach you to SHARE- Probably the most important lesson of life which you can learn for free and within the four walls of your house is how to share. Siblings and sharing go hand-in-hand. If you've been the first child, you've had to learn to share once you had a little brother / sister (parents love, time, clothes, living space, toys, etc etc etc.) . And if you've been the second child, you've been born in an environment where sharing is the only option. And along the way, you learn to share with each other - books, clothes, food, tears, laughs, secrets, successes, failures, finances, woes, miseries, hardships, joys, etc.

* Siblings help you deal with CHANGE- If there's one life skill which is critical in today's day and age it is our ability to deal with change. And if you've ever had a sibling, you'll agree that changes have been integral to your life. Changes in regards to your / your sibling's growth (physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, socio-economic), changes in terms of your living environment, changes in terms of relationships, changes in terms of loss, changes in terms of your thoughts, priorities and circumstances.. And having a sibling to talk to, to share, to sympathize, to empathize makes all the difference during a transition phase in your life

* Siblings will LOVE you no matter what you say or do - Sometimes all we need during a low moment is life is to know that there's someone out there who will love you - no matter what you say or do - And yes! Parents and close friends play an important role here - But there's is something special and exquisite about a sibling's love which makes a huge difference here!

* Siblings can be that SAFETY NET you fall back on in times of need - We all need that "safety net" in the most vulnerable moments of life - It can be a place to stay, money to borrow with no questions asked, a shoulder to cry, someone to listen, someone who takes your side (especially when you need someone on your side), someone who is your best critic... And siblings play that role beautifully especially as you get older in life - They usually are your emotional and mental anchors in difficult phases of life, especially when you just feel like sharing a piece of your mind to someone who will not "judge" you for the way you think. They are just there, and they care!

* Siblings teach you to the importance of TRUST - Again, TRUST is one of the most important lessons which you learn with and from siblings. Simply because if you've been partners in many a crime, you would have explicit or silent pacts with each other to "not spill the beans". So you learn the importance of keeping your word. On the other hand, if you're sibling has broken your trust, you also learn and experience the pain when your trust is broken!

* Siblings teach you how to build and nurture RELATIONSHIPS - In the journey of life, the first relationship we build is with parents, but that is a good example of an "adult - child" relationship. The first real life-long "child-child" relationship which you build is with a sibling! Of course, many of us have childhood friends, but you learn well how to build, nurture and experience the "nitty-gritties" of relationships with your sibling - Be it in a squabble, in a laugh, in a tear, in a high,in a happy moment, in an achievement, in a success,in  a failure, in a loss..

* Siblings make you understand what TEAM-WORK is about - Today’s world is about collaboration. There’s only so much you can do alone and hence working in teams with others is a critical aspect to what you are able to achieve in work and in life. And if you’ve even had a sibling, you’d have learnt the importance of sharing responsibilities, owning up the good and bad (as you think fit), covering up when it is the need of the hour (especially to escape from the many “taunts” of mummy’s /daddy’s/ other's), stepping up in time of crisis - All very important lessons on how to work on a team

And yes! I do know that...
There are some who don't have siblings
And some who have siblings they don't connect with
And some who have siblings they've made by themselves (like a Big Brother who is there for you, but not really a biological brother)

And from my personal experiences and observations, I can definitely say that if you've had a sibling, you'd have most probably learnt most of the above life-lessons along the way..

So if you've had a sibling you bond with, you connect with, you are close to.. Then you are lucky
And say THANK YOU... for the DIFFERENCE they made / continue to make in your life

This post is dedicated to my sister - Thank You for YOU!


  1. Hey I have the same template and similar thoughts about siblings. I think they are a very important part of growing up, have as much if not more impact on your life as parents.. sometimes for longer as they have no generation gap to contend with. I see that more clearly with my own children. Nice post!

  2. Growing up, I got to see the best of the sibling bonding among my dad and his brothers...they used to revel in each other's company, and would be there for each other. Hopefully our kids see some of that spirit in me and my elder they?