Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Positive Changes Motherhood Brings

Motherhood is a new chapter in the life of any woman... One which brings your way several new joys, experiences and learnings.. There's a lot that motherhood can teach you about yourself, about the world, about children, about the way the universe works, about human emotions, about relationships, about the mysteries of the world...

And motherhood is also a harbinger of change.. of positive change..

As I reflect on my motherhood journey, listing below some of the positive changes in being a mother
1) Letting Go is easier
As a mother, it is easy to let-go of several things because your suddenly appreciate the larger picture of life. It is easy to let go of perfection, order, control. It is easy to let go of your past, let go of events, situations and circumstances over which you don't really have any control. And many times it is easy to let go because you really don't have the time to think or to hold-on ;).  There will always be so many priority things waiting for your attention..Ask any mother if you don't believe me!!!

2) Your priorities get a lot clearer
One of the best outcomes of being a mother is that your life priorities suddenly become a lot clearer. Suddenly the haziness in your mind disappears and you become well aware of you what's really important to you deep down.. And it can be anything from just being the best possible you for your children, to providing a safe secure and holistic life experience to your children...

3) You're decision making skills improve
Decision making skills are closely linked to clarity on priorities.And as any mother would agree, there are several times in the day that you need to quickly decide for your children (at least till they are old enough to make their decisions). And if you do something every day, what are the chances that you'll get better at it? Very good I should guess! Of course I'd like to add that when emotions take over a mother (which happens several times), then many mothers need help to make decisions..

4) You are able to multi-task exceedingly well
If there's one thing which any mother any where in the world has mastered during her motherhood journey it is the ability to multi-task. You suddenly realize that you have to do a zillion things in a day, and yet have only 24 hours and only 2 hands 2 legs 2 ears 2 eyes... And yet somehow everyone expects you to do it all.. Phew! Realistically there is no other way than to multi-task.So you teach you kids while cooking or you plan your tomorrow while reading a story. There are some things for which multi-tasking will not work, but if there is a place that it can work - Any mother would have already figured it out!

5) You're ability to switch context is really swift
One of the biggest realities of motherhood is that there are distractions right through the day with kids around. So you will not really get huge chuncks of time to do "your" work - at least not if your children are awake! (Of course for older kids this may be feasible - I can't say as I don't have the experience). So over a period of time most mothers learn to rapidly switch "context" based on the situation and also be able to produce the desired outcome within the stipulated time. This is my opinion is a truly remarkable positive change!

And last but not least, you understand that:
* For several things, you are not really in control of your life
* That independance, dependance and inter-dependance are all important in the journey of life
* That emotions and not logic really make the world go round!

So, What are the positive changes you've seen motherhood bring? Leave a comment to let me know

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  1. Nice one Nisch...i think i am struggling with Letting go even after three years. i try to Multi-task but yes, i need to learn to let go!!