Friday, December 28, 2012

The 9 LITTLE THINGS which had a BIG IMPACT on my life in 2012

Another year gone by. 2012 is almost over. And looking back at my own life, I can say that there has been a positive transformation in my life this year. While I did not start 2012 with any grand objectives or resolutions, I decided to make a few conscious changes in my life. When I embarked on this personal change exercise, I had no clue where I would end up.. But was willing to try.. So lo and behold! Here I am… A healthier, happier and wiser individual

In this blog, I'll list the little things which really made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my LIFE… Rather they TRANSFORMED my LIFE... The reason why I am even sharing this with you is I believe anyone can attempt to make these changes to have a positive impact on life!

1) Waking up early every day
The truth is this - Waking up early can transform your day, your thoughts and your life. So today, I wake up 3 hours earlier than what I used to do in 2011 and by the time the world is up, I've probably accomplished more than what most people would not be able to even by the end of the day! If there's just one positive change I'd recommend to anyone, it is wake up early! And when you do try to make this change, do it gradually. So start with 15 mins earlier than yesterday and increase till you reach the desired time.

And what I also learnt and realized is that anyone who accomplished anything worthwhile in their life will vouch that there is something magical about the early morning hours that can bring out the BEST in YOU! And invest these morning hours in doing what's you really want to do in life.. what makes you happy.. what inspires you.. what brings out the best in you.. what makes you positive and sets a positive tone for the rest of the day… It can be reading a book or listening to music or writing or walking or jogging or cycling or looking at the sky- But it has to be about just YOU!

2) Crystal Clear Clarity on the Priorities of my LIFE
I've spent significant time and thought over this year on thinking about the priorities of my life. And once your priorities become crystal clear, life is actually a lot more simple, fun and beautiful! Simply because when you are clear in your mind on your priorities in life (and can list them down in ascending order in short and sweet sentences) - It’s easy to plan, to do, to speak, to make decisions and to own up responsibilities in your everyday life. Also, once your priorities are clear, you are able to make wise choices with your time, efforts, money and relationships.

3) Realization that there's magic in Doing ONE thing at a time
Yes! It’s true. There is MAGIC in doing ONE thing at a time. First, it gets done really well. Two, it gets done faster. Three, you actually end up having more time to do things you want to!

No matter what who says about multi-tasking, what really makes a difference is to Do ONE thing at a TIME. Put your mind and heart and focus on it, and see the end result. You will be surprised! And I don't necessarily advocate this for everything in your everyday life - I mean there are things for which you have to multi-task to get ahead, so be it!. But for things which are really IMPORTANT in your life, focus on doing just ONE thing a time! And see the magic unfold.......

4) Looking at the sky for a few minutes everyday
When did you last look at the sky early in the morning or late in the evening? To be honest, I don’t think I used to look at the sky for a very long time. I also realized that we usually tend to spend way too much time looking down or left or right or in-front.. Sometimes, we also look at the back. But rarely do we look above. I accidentally did look up one day early in the morning and felt great after that. In fact, it was wonderful! I repeated this for a week, and realized that it made a difference.

Simply because when you look up at the sky – You’re closer to nature and everything real and beautiful! Be it the sun, moon, stars or the birds. You also realize how small you really are in this universe. You also recognize that the sky is probably the best depiction of “infinite” and there is something about eternity which brings out the best creativity in you!

5) Listening to music every day
Music has a wonderful impact on your sense of well-being. It calms you. It makes you happy. And most importantly, it improves your focus and concentration. What I also realized is that listening to instrumental or classical music or music of nature (like water or birds chirping) for a few minutes every day sets the tone for a wonderful day ahead! And you can choose to listen to any music that you like, but make sure you listen to music for a few minutes everyday

6) Read a book for 15 minutes every day
Read a good old hard-bound book on real print paper! Not an e-book. Not online. Simply because you learn, dream, visualize and it is refreshingly wonderful to be away from the digital world!

7) Eat your meal as mindfully as you can
Again, a very significant impact with this change because I realized that if I am mindful when I eat – I tend to eat optimally, I tend to eat right and I tend to enjoy my food. Also, when you’re eating, I recommend focus on your meal (and not TV, Twitter, etc etc.). On average, it takes about 10 minutes a meal! - So at most 30 - 40 minutes a day!

8) Time-Box TV Time and Internet Time every day
This one change was so liberating and hence I strongly recommend it - Set aside some time (say 30 minutes or an hour) to watch TV and to surf the net. Choose what you really want to do in this time and when the time’s up, you switch off the TV and log off the internet.

What I’ve realized is that there’s a real world with real people, real emotions, real activities, real flowers, real laughs, real relationships, real fun, real joys and happiness… And that the REAL world is actually very engaging, rewarding and satisfying! So do invest in living and experiencing the REAL world! In the long run, this experience is far more enriching in life!

9) Smile and Laugh every day
Whatever brings a smile to your face and makes you laugh – Do it for 3 minutes every day! And set aside this time religiously! You will feel and experience the difference in 1 week. You can read a joke, Watch Tom and Jerry cartoons, read a humorous story, talk to someone who also has something funny to say - It can be anything anywhere anytime and with anyone!

These are my lessons... What are your's? Leave a comment to let me know....

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